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5 essential places to see in Indonesia

Indonesia hosts a multitude of sites that deserve to be known, either because of their religious importance or because of the beauty of their natural surroundings. Therefore, in this article we want to take you to some of those corners that you should not miss in Indonesia, an Asian country that will fascinate you. Are you with us to meet them?

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The Plaza de España in Rome, an emblematic place

Get ready for a wonderful trip to one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Italy. We direct our steps towards the Plaza de España in Rome, one of the most famous in the entire capital of the transalpine country. The Spanish Square in Rome The Spanish Square in Rome is located on the Via dei Babuino, which flows into Piazza del Popolo, at its intersection with Via dei Condotti and the Via dei 2 Macelli and della Propaganda, at whose intersection almost Perfect is the famous Fontana della Barcaccia, which we will talk about shortly.

We visit the most charming Cotswolds villages

The villages of the Cotswolds reflect all the charm of one of England's most beautiful regions. A region that seems taken from a fairy tale where stunning natural landscapes blend with beautiful and ancient locations. It is a unique and ideal destination that will make you fall in love from the first moment.

Visit Jim Thompson's house in Bangkok

Jim Thompson's house has become one of the most frequent visits that tourists make Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Because despite the western name of its owner, this is the place where we can get to know the traditional Thai architecture. In addition to many other artistic, craft and cultural traditions of this Southeast Asian people.

The best destinations to travel as a couple

Finally, that of looking for friends to travel with is over. You already have a partner and this is going to be your first trip together and, of course, you dream of it being special and unforgettable. We want to give you some ideas, we will know some destinations to travel as a couple. And they are very different. one.

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Meet the incredible white waterfall of Pamukkale in Turkey

To travel to Turkey is to think of cities like Istanbul and its monuments. However, in this country there are natural landscapes that are worth admiring. Plan your trip to Turkey and include in your list a visit to the incredible white waterfall of Pamukkale. Do you want to know everything about this place? We'll show you below!

Frómista, a jewel of the Romanesque in Palencia

Frómista is not a town anymore, it is a town with a charm that leaves no one indifferent. Its atmosphere, its fields, its secrets, its walks and its churches remain in the mind as one of the most beautiful places in Spanish geography. When you admire its Romanesque style constructions you will have no doubt about its beauty.

Walk the streets of Assilah, on the coast of Morocco

Assilah is one of the most interesting tourist places in northern Morocco. A city that you can find with its Arabic name, but do not be surprised if you see it with the reference of Asilah, which would be its place name in Spanish. We prefer to refer to it by its original name of Assilah, since this way the trip to the East that this population proposes to us evokes much more.

The best Spanish restaurants in Madrid

There are many restaurants in Madrid that are faithful to Spanish food, but we are going to visit three that are really worth it. We leave the choice in your hands, but we are sure that with them you will not fail. Write down these Spanish restaurants in Madrid, they are a real luxury. Spanish food restaurants in Madrid: a pleasure for the palate Surely just thinking about it makes your mouth water.

Do you know the sculptures of the Atlanteans of Tula?

Tula is one of the municipalities that is part of the state of Hidalgo, within Mexico. It is one of the oldest places of pre-Hispanic times where remains of the Toltec culture are preserved. Specifically, in the Pyramid «B», are the Atlanteans of Tula, sculptures representing four warriors.

With these 6 visits you will be able to know the essence of Paris

As if it were a school lesson, we can recite the main attractions of the "City of Love" almost by heart. To think about it is to imagine a getaway with our couple crossing bridges holding hands and enjoying its delicious cuisine. To be able to say that you have enjoyed the essence of Paris, you must have some essential places.

The city of love, 6 reasons to travel to Paris

Paris is a dream place. A trip to the capital of love and lights will be unforgettable. The truth is that it only takes two letters to the word "paradise" to get "Paris", so in each of its streets we will find ourselves in a magical environment. The reasons for traveling to Paris are endless: walks, sights, monuments, unique experiences ... The French capital has an incredible history.

The best destinations for health tourism

Health tourism is the one that takes you to another country to receive some type of medical treatment or procedure. It is different from the so-called wellness tourism, which is directly related to what is offered by spas, hot springs and clinics dedicated to aesthetic treatments. There are destinations that have stood out for offering this type of tourism, with very good medical treatments, excellent medical professionals and excellent services and amenities.

The 6 most colorful and spectacular carnivals in the world

When did these parties begin to take place? Nobody knows for sure. Some say that they were already celebrated in the Egypt of the pharaohs, while others resort to an origin in Imperial Rome. In one way or another, what is clear is that it has been a party period that has been established for centuries and, perhaps for that reason, carnivals are the most popular, spectacular and beloved parties for people around the globe.

Shopping day at the Vakil bazaar in Shiraz, Iran

Shiraz is one of the most important cities in Iran. Historical, cultural and full of plans to enjoy your trip. Here you can visit fantastic monuments, with an architecture and beauty that will leave you speechless. And together with this, one of the most common plans is to go shopping at the Vakil bazaar in Shiraz.

7 winter landscapes of northern Europe

Autumn passes quickly and, in reality, almost without us noticing, we are in winter. This long season also has its charm, since in Europe the protagonists who come to take over the panorama are snow, ice and low temperatures. In the north of the continent you can find great winter landscapes.

Route for your trip through the fjords of Norway

Norway's fjords shape one of the most exciting natural areas on the European continent. Places where the beauty of nature is as wild as it is inspiring, and that we should travel freely and without stress. And for this, the first thing to do is consider a good route through the Norwegian fjords.