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The cheapest beaches in Mexico and away from tourism

Enjoying the beaches of Mexico is reason enough to undertake a trip to this country. In fact, some of its beaches are the most visited in the entire continent, and even in the world. Those, of course, are the most expensive and massive. But there are others much cheaper and with fewer crowds that can be real discoveries for the traveler.

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Yueyaquan Lake, an explosion of life in the Gobi desert

On this occasion we moved to China, specifically to Gansu province. It is here, in the middle of the Gobi Desert, where the well-known Yueyaquan Lake or Crescent Lake is located. Its incredible surroundings, together with its curious shape, have made it one of the most spectacular lakes in the world. Let's find out more about him.

6 tips for couples traveling together for the first time

A couple's first trip is one of the most exciting and unforgettable events in the relationship. Therefore, we invite you to take into account some practical and simple tips that will make this first adventure the most incredible of your lives. The first trip of a couple has the ability to further strengthen the ties that bind them or, conversely, weaken them.

The J. Paul Getty Museum: a beautiful space full of art

The J. Paul Getty Museum is one of the most important and recognized in the United States. Proof of this is that every year more than one million people visit it. And it is that the collection that keeps in its two headquarters deserves it. Those venues are the Getty Center in Los Angeles and the Getty Villa in Malibu. The J. Museum

6 Christmas markets in Spain

We propose a warm visit to the 6 Christmas markets in Spain that are worth discovering. At this time of the year the main cities of the country decorate its most beautiful squares for the enjoyment of visitors and inhabitants alike. 1. Market of the Plaza Mayor, Madrid If there is a Christmas market in Spain that enjoys a special predilection for the inhabitants of the country and the capital, that is the market of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

Paul Gauguin, forerunner of the avant-garde of the twentieth century

Paul Gauguin is one of those painters who marked a before and after in the world of art and left wonderful works that today are exhibited in some of the best museums in the world. Let's get to know a figure that inspired artists like Picasso or Matisse Who was Paul Gauguin The vision after the sermon - Wikimedia Commons Gauguin was a leading painter of the post-impressionist era.

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5 incredible routes through the less known Portugal

Portugal is much more than its two big cities, Lisbon and Porto, or its famous Algarve coast. It is a country to travel calmly and freely. And for that it is best to have a car, either your own or a rented one. If you are one of those who likes to roll on the roads, here are 5 routes that will take you to discover the least known Portugal.

The Muslim quarter of Jerusalem, an essential place

The Muslim quarter of Jerusalem is one of the four neighborhoods of the Old City. Paradoxically, the most representative places for the followers of Islam are not in him, but on the Temple Mount. Even so, you will surely enjoy knowing all its secrets when traveling its streets. What you can see in the Muslim neighborhood Located next to the Mosque Esplanade, it is the largest neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem.

A walk through Ponferrada, crossroads

Ponferrada is the capital of the Leon region of El Bierzo and a city with a lot of history. Its historical center is of Cultural Interest and reaches a magnificent castle founded by the Templars. It also constitutes one of the initial stages of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through the province of León.

Rafael Sanzio: his great works and where to admire them

Rafael Sanzio, better known as simply Rafael, was an Italian painter and architect of the Renaissance. In his work, we can highlight his important contributions to architecture. His style would be tirelessly imitated for years. In addition, he was interested in the study and conservation of vestiges of Greek and Roman origin.

El Ardèche: an ideal camping destination

To enjoy a few days outdoors in France, there is no better place than Ardèche. It is a surplus territory known to lovers of hiking and water sports in natural currents. In fact, it is named after the great river that runs throughout the region. The erosion of the waters over millions of years has generated a spectacular landscape.

What you need to know before visiting the cathedral of Zaragoza

We will take a spectacular walk through the cathedral of Zaragoza. This religious space is a must when visiting the Aragonese capital. Located very close to the Basilica del Pilar, this temple surprises those who visit it for its elegance and beauty. We give you interesting information to enjoy the visit.

Topkapi Palace, Turkish beauty in Istanbul

The current city of Istanbul in the past was known as Byzantium or Constantinople, and of all those historical moments there are monumental testimonies in the Turkish capital. However, Topkapi Palace can be considered as one of the great jewels of the former Constantinople, when from here the vast Ottoman Empire was ruled, which stretched across much of the Mediterranean and through lands far away from Turkey.

13 things to do for free in Madrid, a city full of life

There are countless things to do for free in Madrid. In fact, getting bored in this city is not possible, there is always a plan, and to enjoy many of them it is not necessary to take out the wallet. If you want to know how to soak up the atmosphere of the Spanish capital without spending a euro, read on. Things to do for free in Madrid Monuments, museums, gardens, cultural and leisure activities and good food.

A walk through the palaces of Brussels

The capital of Belgium has so many tourist attractions that we would need several paragraphs to name them all. And if there is something that characterizes this city are its majestic palaces ... We have toured them and we will tell you about it below! We invite you to take a walk through the palaces of Brussels….

Christmas lights Puebla de Sanabria in Zamora

Puebla de Sanabria, in Zamora, is a town full of beauty and charm, famous for the natural park there. In it we find true wonders: waterfalls, diversity of animals and, above all, the imposing lake of Sanabria. But at Christmas 2018, this beautiful town is even more special.

8 Spanish cities to go for tapas

Going for tapas is one of the most famous Spanish traditions. You can enjoy throughout the country, authentic miniature feasts that delight foreigners and foreigners. There are very recognized places for this, such as Bilbao or San Sebastián, with its famous pintxos. But this time we want to look at other cities, also perfect for practicing the appetizing art of tapas. Are you coming?

The Fjord of Dreams in Norway and its spectacular landscapes

Traveling to Norway and touring the so-called Fjord of Dreams or Sognefjord is almost a must for all travelers. Or more than an obligation, it is a delight, since we talk about the longest fjord in Norway, inside which one of its arms is opened, which is the Naerofjord, declared a World Heritage Site.