The 5 most beautiful markets in Europe

Food is one of the characteristic aspects of a country, region or locality. Through it traditions are represented, so when we visit a place it is essential to try the typical food, whether they are the ingredients themselves or an elaborate dish.

We present below, the 5 most beautiful markets in Europe. Markets where you can delight in their fresh products, exquisite and historical dishes and imposing constructions.

1. Borough market

It is the oldest market in London. It is located south of the London Bridge, on the banks of the River Thames. Its origin dates back centuries. It is believed that since the bridge was built there has been a market like this.

In the mid-eighteenth century, the government made the drastic decision to close it due to the agglomerations that the market produced at the entrance of the bridge. To avoid the closure, the producers who sold there bought some of the land, giving rise to the market as we know it today.

Borough Market, London - Magnus D /

Here you can find fresh products such as fruits, cheeses, sausages, vegetables, fish and meat, among others.

With the rise of supermarkets, the Borough Market began to lose sales. The merchants, as a way to attract customers, decided to sell high quality food. This is how in this market you can find places with exquisite typical Spanish, Italian or French food, among others.

This is the first covered market in the Netherlands. It consists of around 100 food stores, 8 restaurants, a large supermarket located on the underground floor and a cooking school.

Rotterdam Market - Paul Arps /

It attracts attention inside, since It is decorated with a mural of 11,000 m2. In it, several artists have shaped a series of flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. It has been called by the authors as "cornucopia".

In this market you will find a great variety, both of fresh products and exquisite food.

"There is no love more sincere than the love of food."

-George Bernard Shaw-

It is located in the Plaza de San Miguel, next to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Its origin dates from medieval times. At that time it was an open market where merchants offered their products, on a smaller and larger scale.

The building we know today stands in the space occupied by the church of San Miguel de los Octoes. Its construction was carried out between 1913 and 1916 following a design by architect Alfonso Dubé y Díez.

San Miguel Market, Madrid - Juan Antonio Flores Segal /

The building is characterized by being iron and is the only one left in Madrid with these characteristics. It has been considered Well of Cultural Interest.

As with the Borough Market in England, the San Miguel Market suffered a decline in its commercial activity due to the rise of supermarkets.The company called El Gastrónomo de San Miguel was established to avoid closure, which became the majority owner of the market. This society has provided other dyes to the place.

Mercado San Miguel, Madrid - Pedro Pardo /

The San Miguel Market is characterized by being a place that offers fresh and quality products, with features that are no longer seen in other commercial sites, such as testing the product to be purchased or receiving gastronomic advice. It is also a picturesque place and symbol of Spanish culture.

It was built in 1874, by Giuseppe Mengoni. It is located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood, very close to the Cathedral.

Here there is an incredible amount of typical products of the area: handicrafts, traditional pastas, Modena vinegar, cheeses or wine, among many others.

Mercado Central, Florence - bongo vongo /

Once you have made your purchases, you can sit down to enjoy the newly acquired products in spaces enabled for it. The market is open from Monday to Saturday, from 07:00 to 14:00 hrs.

4. Istanbul Spice Bazaar

This peculiar market It is located in the Eminönü neighborhood, near the Bosphorus.

Here you can find an incredible amount of spices, nuts and herbs. A historical and characteristic place of Turkish culture.

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul - Shchipkova Elena /

In this market, without a doubt, you will enjoy the colorful and aromatic spices offered by local merchants. An unmissable destination when visiting Istanbul.

Markets are part of the essence and spirit of each city. They are the reflection of their way of life and their customs. You will discover wonderful aspects if on your trips you spend a little time to lose yourself in them.

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