The four most beautiful lakes in the world

In the world there are very beautiful water mirrors whose origin is different, as well as their colors and extensions. We have selected for you some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Meet them, enjoy them and plan a wonderful vacation to recreate them.

1. Nahuel Huapi Lake, Argentina

Nahuel Huapi Lake - ocphoto /

Nahuel Huapi Lake is located in Argentina, in the national park that bears the same name. It extends along two provinces and its largest area is that of Neuquén, while the smallest in Río Negro.

The Nahuel Huapi is a lake of glacial origin It feeds on thaws, its surface area is 557 km2 and it has 7 arms: of the Sadness, Bell Tower, Machete, Blest, Last Hope, Huemul and of the Corner.

Nahuel Huapi Lake - Ksenia Ragozina /

Nahuel Huapi Lake has a depth of 464 meters, a great depth for a lake. Several islands are located along its surface, the most important being Victoria Island. It is a lake with blue waters and great beauty, one of the most attractive places in southern Argentina.

Several legends are woven over it, a very tender and friendly account that in its waters inhabits a monster or creature of prehistoric origin. The locals call it Nahuelito.

2. Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier - vvvita /

This is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, but also one of the most amazing because of the color of its waters. While the waters of Lake Hillier are colorless like that of all water mirrors, this lake does not reflect the blue of the sky as everyone else does. This lake has a rather peculiar color, pink.

You have read correctly, we have not been wrong at all, the color of Lake Hillier is pink, although it is unknown what is the reason why this lake has that color. What is evident is that it stands out deeply between the green of the dense vegetation that surrounds it and the deep blue of the nearby ocean.

This lake was discovered in the Flinders expedition while ascending to the archipelago of the Recherche, in the year 1902.

3. Mashu Ko Lake, Japan

Mashu Lake - niponxene /

Lake Mashu Ko is located on the island of Hokkaido, in Akan National Park. This is a dream site that attracts a lot of tourists, a park that is located in a volcanic area planted with craters scattered in the forest. This is a perfect place for those who practice adventure tourism and hiking.

Lake Mashu Ko is a lake of crystalline and warm waters fed by beautiful springs. A heavenly place, although there is fog in the area, so this lake can only be seen in its full splendor in summer.

This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, surrounded by beauty and mystery. A site that you can not miss if you are a lover of the environment and natural beauty.

4. Kelimutu Lakes, Indonesia

Kelimutu Lakes - Pius Lee /

This time we are not talking about a single lake, but about a complex consisting of three lakes: the Lake of the Young Men and Women, the Lake of the Elders and the Enchanted Lake.

Kelimutu lakes have their origin in the volcano that bears the same name, in fact they occupy its crater. Your biggest beauty is that they change color in a mysterious way. One of them varies according to the time from greenish to turquoise blue. The Enchanted Lake went from having a reddish color to the chocolate color. And the third, which varies less, has a blue so intense that it approaches black.

"Nature is often hidden, sometimes dominated, rarely extinguished."

-Francis Bacon-

They are beautiful lakes and sometimes full of mystery. Corners of the planet that never cease to amaze by its enormous beauty.

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