13 reasons why we like Morocco so much

Now we are going to give you 13 reasons why we like Morocco so much. With some you may agree, with others you may not, but rest assured that it is an exciting country and worth visiting, at least once in a lifetime.

1. Colors and contrasts

Morocco in a country full of colors and contrasts. Wherever you go it will surprise you. If you approach the south, you will see the huge deserts and their earthy tones. In the coastal areas the water is deep and blue. In addition, markets and cities are full of products such as sweets, fruits and vegetables and lively clothing.

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2. Amazing landscapes

Another reason we love Morocco is because of the beauty of its landscapes. Contrary to what many people believe, this country has a variety of ecosystems that make it have a very rich nature.
You can visit the sand dunes, the mountainous systems of the Atlas, the cedar forests, the arable land and even urban landscapes with their markets and squares full of life and contrasts.

3. The people of the Atlas

Although in Morocco you find very good and friendly people, those in the South of the Atlas are especially nice. Women collect roses that they offer without asking for anything in return when you need their help. The Bedouins are constantly smiling. Of course, careful in Fez, the elderly have a tendency to pinch other people's backs belonging to clueless tourists.

4. Imperial Morocco

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There are a number of cities in Morocco that we like especially for its monuments. We speak of the imperial zone of the country, in which the mosques, the walls, the always crowded medieval medinas and its majestic palaces stand out.

Highlights include places like Fez, Meknes or Marrakech.

5. Roman Morocco

The Roman Empire settled around the entire Mediterranean Sea and the territory that Morocco occupies today was no exception. Traces of this remain throughout the country and we have a good example in Volubilis, a settlement of the classical world that is located on the Meknes land.
In addition, of all the imperial cities of Morocco, Meknes is the quietest and least visited by tourism, so it is highly recommended to approach her.

6. Essaouira

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There is no doubt that one of the most curious and interesting places in Morocco is Essaouira. It is an old Portuguese fort that today has become a wonderful medina next to a fishing port that keeps all the charm of past and traditional times.

7. The streets of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen - Zzvet / Shutterstock.com

Chefchaouen is a beautiful village in Morocco that sits on the slopes of a green mountain. But nevertheless, its streets are a picturesque contrast of blue and white, which gives a magnificent picture to the whole, which really relaxes and calms the soul of the traveler.

8. The dunes of Merzouga

If you approach the desert of Erg Chebbi, you will glimpse the dunes of Merzouga, which can be visited on foot and offer a hard walk full of natural wild beauty.

9. The gorges

Todra Canyon - alex7370 / Shutterstock.com

You can access the Todra and Dades Gorges by SUV and you will see what Mother Nature has been able to achieve in Morocco. To say that they are simply impressive is little compared to what it is to live and see them in the first person.

"If you don't climb the mountain, you can never enjoy the scenery."

-Pablo Neruda-

10. Live the Surf

If you are a surf lover, the coast of Morocco is becoming a must for this practice.
The waves of the Moroccan beaches host tournaments, championships and crazy surfers throughout the year, especially in winter.

11. The virgin beaches

Legzira - Dmitry V. Petrenko / Shutterstock.com

Morocco is becoming over time a tourist destination of the first magnitude. But nevertheless, its huge coastline still retains corners with pristine beaches that still escape the little experienced traveler.

12. Hiking in the Atlas

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You may have been hiking in many parts of the world, but never in a mountain range as magnificent as the Atlas. If you have not tried it, you do not know what you are missing.

13. Medieval Morocco

In the area of ​​the Draa Valley we find a good amount of medieval villages. Enclaves like Ouarzazate or Zagora are spectacular for every good lover of history.
As you can see, there are dozens of reasons why we love Morocco. Do you want to tell us which ones are yours?

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