4 tips for everything in the suitcase

Do you find it a real headache to prepare your suitcase for your next trip? With these simple tips you can make the most of the space and store all your belongings in an orderly manner.

1. Select what is necessary to store in the suitcase

Before proceeding to pack You need to make an inventory and select the clothes you really need according to the place you are going to travel, season and type of accommodation.

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For example, if you are going to travel in summer and your accommodation is going to be an apartment or villa with a washer and dryer, the amount of clothes you need to bring can be greatly reduced. It is important that you inform yourself well about the place where you are going to stay, as some hotels offer laundry service to their guests. This way you do not need to wear a change of clothes for each day of your trip.

Try to choose clothes that do not require much time to dry and that they can look good without ironing, so you will not only save space but also time when you are enjoying your vacation.

If you are going to travel in winter it is essential that you choose the coats that you are going to wear very well, since these usually take up much more space. It is also important that you plan in advance the itinerary that you are going to follow during the trip, in this way you can choose the most suitable garments for each occasion.

2. Use the pillboxes

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The pillboxes are the most useful items you can use to plan your luggage. Carrying all your medicines in a carefully identified pillbox will save you an incredible space.

Another wonderful function of the pillboxes is that you can use them to store small and safe jewelry in an orderly and safe way You want to take your trip. In addition, because it is a small, flat object with rectangular or square shapes, it is very easy to place it in any corner or drawer of the suitcase.

3. Save space in your suitcase

Another very practical way you can save space is by storing the socks inside the shoes.. To store the shoes inside the suitcase, wrap them individually in a plastic bag and fill in the gaps or empty spaces with each pair.

Another interesting option that you can use, especially if it is small shoes, is to keep them together in a bathing cap, so they will be much more compacted and protect your clothes from dirt.

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Most people often fold all their clothes carefully before putting them in the suitcase, but apparently there is a method that saves much more space. It involves wrapping each garment to form a roller as if it were a plane, then place a garter on each end and voila.

If you are more conservative and prefer to wear your clothes perfectly folded can place a belt on the center of the collar of the dress shirts, in this way you will get double benefit: first, the shirt collar will not be deformed and second, you will save valuable space to store your belt.

When you buy a suitcase, remember that there must be an occasion when you have to carry it yourself. ”

-Paul Morand-

4. Less is more

All those small sample containers that have been given to you have a new meaning when you travel. Depending on the amount of time you are at your destination, you can choose to store creams, shampoo, conditioners, perfumes and so on in those little jars.

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There are small toothpastes and brushes specially designed for the comfort of travelers. Depending on the place you are going to travel, you can also choose to buy these essential items, such as shaving cream, body cream, shavers and others.

Another very important tip is to be practical and realistic, wear those clothes and objects that you really feel comfortable with and not those who have been in your closet for a long time and never use them. You should always opt for what you really like and feel comfortable, that is one of the most important keys not only to save space but also so that you can fully enjoy your vacation.

Follow these practical tips and you will see how you can get everything you want in your suitcase without major inconvenience Do you travel frequently? What other tips would you add?

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