Myths and truths about plane flights

Have you ever thought about ideas that put the creeps right after boarding the plane? Many times the fear of flying is based on meaningless reasoning. Here we will clarify some myths about airplane flights.

Myths and truths about plane flights are a particularly popular phenomenon in travelers. Even knowing the security that airplanes can give us, there are many reluctances. But What is true in those stories that we have heard so many times?

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According to studies, the plane is the safest transport in the world. The chances of dying are one in 60 million. This is a statement that relies on the increasingly advanced technology used by aircraft manufacturers, in which navigation systems are continuously modernized, etc.

"Fear is the most ignorant, the most insulting and the most cruel of counselors."

-Edmun Burke-

The fear of heights is something natural, even frequent travelers have ever felt the distress of a possible accident. It is, perhaps, because there are a number of myths about flights that even change our behavior because of the fear they cause us.

Who has not heard myths such as the Bermuda Triangle or the ghost planes that travel many kilometers and crash when the fuel runs out? Here we bring you a compilation of the most popular myths and truths.

Myths and truths

1. If the airplane door is opened in full flight, it falls.

Myth. It is one of the most popular thoughts among travelers, but the airplane door cannot be opened in full flight due to the force of pressurization and high speeds. There is no human force that can open the door of an airplane and, therefore, it is impossible for the plane to fall for that reason.

2. If you drink liquor on the plane you get drunk faster

Myth.ANDl blood alcohol level it is the same on land or in air. What changes is that, due to the lower amounts of oxygen and a pressurized cabin, it is possible that nausea and dizziness appear that can be confused with liquor drunkenness. It is best not to drink, nausea at 25,000 feet is very annoying, especially when combined with turbulence.

3. Lightning can take down a plane

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True. But Due to new technology in airplanes, accidents resulting from lightning strikes are less likely Although not impossible. When lightning strikes the ship, it acts as a Faraday cage, that is, the interior does not receive electricity but it is transmitted only by the exterior.

4. Air from airplanes helps spread diseases.

Myth. Although the air in an airplane recirculates inside the cabin, it is also continuously mixing with new air that is taken from outside. The air always passes through filters similar to those used in hospitals and that capture between 94 and 99.9 percent of the pathogens, at least according to Boeing figures.

But it is true that perhaps the arms of the seats or the bedside tables are a much more dangerous focus of infections.

5. It is impossible to survive a plane crash.

Myth. There were around 95 percent of passengers who survived aviation accidents in the United States between 1983 and 2000. It is likely that this belief is based on the fact that most of the information that comes to us about air accidents are those that were potentially fatal.

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6. If you remain calm during the first 90 seconds of an accident you are more likely to survive.

True. Among the myths and truths, this is one that is worth clarifying. This period of time is known as the "golden moment."The first 90 seconds are essential, greatly increasing the chances of survival if calm is maintained.

Panic can prevent you from acting correctly In such simple situations, for example, unfasten your seat belt.

7. Mobile devices interfere with aircraft equipment.

Myth. Usually the use of electronic devices on airplanes is prohibited because their use in the air bounces the signal along many towers on the ground and interferes with other calls, preventing their exit. Some airlines in Europe allow the use of mobile phones in the cabin.

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Remember that flying is undoubtedly the safest mode of transport. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you be more confident when flying and enjoy the experience.

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