A weekend in Rome: the best to visit

Absolutely wonderful, origin of one of the greatest civilizations in history, full of monuments and charming corners, Rome is a city that must be visited even if only once in a lifetime.

Knowing the Eternal City in just two days seems impossible mission. But nevertheless, planning the visit well it is possible to get closer to the true essence of Rome.

Imperial Rome

For a perfect weekend in Rome, you must visit everything the Imperial City has. Luckily for us, there are many monuments and buildings that still today, two thousand years later, remain standing and can be visited:

The Colisseum

Without a doubt the Colisseum It is the authentic symbol of Rome, of the current civilization as we know it and of the human being.

Colosseum - Viacheslav Lopatin / Shutterstock.com

Imposing with its 188 meters in length and 57 in heightIt seems incredible that this imposing building has been able to withstand the vicissitudes of two thousand years of history. A magnificent construction that in its time of splendor came to house more than 50,000 spectators.

Other monuments

Beyond the Colosseum, which is obviously worth it, there are other places symbols of Imperial Rome that have also reached our days. Proof of this are:

  • The Palatine, located on the most central hill of the seven that form the city and home to high-power Roman families.
  • The Roman forum, another magnificent space in which the public and religious life of the Roman Empire took place.
Roman Forum - pisaphotography / Shutterstock.com
  • The maximum circus, that so many races saw in its history and now it is possible to be contemplated in good part of its magnificence.
  • The Baths of Caracalla, another vestige of how advanced life was for the noble class of the Empire.

«Foolish is the one who admires other cities without having seen Rome.»


Religious Rome

Another part that should not be overlooked during a weekend in Rome is the religious part. There is the cradle of Catholics, one of the smallest states in the world, the Vatican, and all the beauty that the great artists offered to their God.

The Vatican

Without a doubt, A must for two days in Rome is the Vatican. Let's see those corners that you can not miss:

The Vatican - Borisb17 / Shutterstock.com
  • Whenever you approach Rome you must leave a good time to visit the wonderful Vatican Museums.
  • Without a doubt, St. Peter's Basilica cannot be missed on any trip to Rome. Get ready to climb its dome and see the entire Eternal City from more than 130 meters high. The views are incredible.
  • Y inside the Vatican you can't stop seeing the Sistine Chapel. The great work of Michelangelo that has perplexed millions of visitors every time they walk under the impressive paintings of the great artist.
  • Another space of incalculable beauty is is Sant'Angelo Castle, place of residence of so many important men for the Catholic Church.

The squares of Rome

But not everything in Rome is its imperial and religious part. In addition, so that your weekend is perfect we will take you through the squares and fountains that populate the city everywhere:

  • Visit Piazza Navona with its three magnificent fountains and the church of Santa Agnese in Agone
  • Another almost obligatory activity is see the Trevi Fountain. It is typical to throw a coin at the source to make sure you will return to the Eternal City.
Trevi Fountain - beboy / Shutterstock.com
  • Piazza di Spagna is most famous for its stairway of more than 130 steps. Even so, Bernini's fountain and the viewpoint at the end of the steps with the church of Santa Trinità dei Monti are beautiful places to enjoy a place as magical as Rome.
  • By last, Come to Piazza del Popolo to see the churches of Santa María de los Milagros and Santa María de Montesano, practically the same.

We can assure you that A weekend in Rome will be one of the most beautiful and magical experiences of your life. Throw the coin in the Trevi Fountain or not, it will know you little by little and the need to visit the Eternal City will always remain in your soul.

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