9 magical places in Barcelona

Finding 9 magic corners in Barcelona is a really simple task. The whole city is impregnated with a mystical and special flavor that can only be breathed here., in one of the most important places in the Mediterranean, a metropolis full of art, people and trends.

1. Tibidabo

Tibidabo - photosmatic

Tibidabo is one of the most magical places in Barcelona. From the height you can glimpse the entire Mediterranean Sea with the city at your feet.

It has a nice amusement park which has been taken care of over the years, you can even climb attractions that have been there since its inauguration. In addition to the park, in the highest part of Tibidabo there is a beautiful temple.

A wonderful mountain that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Collserola mountain range. The Tibidabo is, without a doubt, a magical space to glimpse the beauty of Barcelona in all its fantastic splendor.

2. Montjuic Mountain

Montjuic Castle - Iakov Filimonov

Far beyond naming the stadium of the Espanyol football team in Barcelona, ​​the Montjuic mountain is another of the magical corners of the city that are worth visiting. On the opposite side of Tibidabo, this place is chaired by the castle that receives the same name and also allows you to glimpse the entire extent of the Catalan capital in its magnificence and splendor.

"Human work cannot exceed the Divine, so the Holy Family will be 170 meters high, 3 meters less than Montjuic Mountain."

-Antonio Gaudí-

3. The Barcelona Cable Car

Cable car - Mikhail Zahranichny

If you go up to Montjuic, you have to ride in the Barcelona Cable Car. It is difficult to observe the city from a point with more magic than this. Said vehicle communicates the Catalan capital from the top of the mountain to the Barceloneta neighborhood, walking over the population at high altitude, passing over the port and offering unique and spectacular views.

4. The Old Town of Barcelona

Old Town - Matthi

Among the magical corners in Barcelona, ​​you cannot miss the Old Town or Ciutat Vella and, within it, the Gothic Quarter. An area where you enter direct contact with the oldest history of Barcelona, a large number of vestiges of the Roman and medieval era of the city are still attesting to the passage of time.

It is a beautiful old town, also very well maintained.The Vía Layetana is the main artery, which crosses it until it reaches the port.

5. Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas - Filipe Frazao

One of the most magical and famous corners in Barcelona are Las Ramblas. But not for being so famous, it loses not a bit of charm. It is an area full of color, atmosphere and life that soaks the soul of the visitor to the depths of his being.

If you want to know the heart of Barcelona, ​​you have to say without fear of being wrong that Las Ramblas are the artery that gives life and carries blood to the vital organs of the city. Soak up all the movement, trend and color of the place to feel like a citizen of the Catalan capital.

6. Gothic Quarter

Barcelona Cathedral - anshar

As we said before, nestled inside the Ciutat Vella or Casco Antiguo, we find one of the most magical and beautiful corners of Barcelona, ​​the Gothic Quarter. In its streets you will enjoy some of the most important monuments of the capital, such as the Roman walls, Plaça Sant Jaume, the Royal Palace, the Cathedral or the Church of Santa María del Pí.

7. The Paseo de Gracia

Paseo de Gracia - Anton_Ivanov

Another fantastic place to walk in Barcelona and let yourself be imbued with its magic is the wonderful and lively Paseo de Gracia.

A huge avenue through which you can walk on blue sidewalks designed by the great Gaudi and next to monuments that came out of his great imagination, such as Casa Batlló or Casa Milá, also known as La Pedrera.

8. Güell Park

Güell Park - Luciano Mortula

Y If we talk about the magical modernism of Barcelona, ​​nothing like the Park Güell, another lovely corner of the city that is a must see. A place full of magic that will not stop surprising in every corner, corner or corner that you travel.

9. Barceloneta Neighborhood

La Barceloneta - Valeri Potapova

Finally, we are going to advise you on one of the magic corners in Barcelona that will also help you to convince your palate, the Barceloneta neighborhood. A unique place full of great restaurants and beach bars in which to taste the best of Catalan cuisine and thus close a trip through Barcelona full of magic and charm.

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