10 mistakes to avoid regarding transportation when traveling

As soon as you know where your trip will go, a critical moment arrives, choose a transport. In the world there are many types of people who enjoy getaways, but, in general, the choice of vehicles and travel methods are based on economics. Even so, mistakes can be avoided, even if we choose a cheap flight, for example.

1. Running out of cash

It is important when traveling to always carry an acceptable sum of cash. Although today credit and debit cards are accepted in almost all businesses, we should never trust each other.
Think about going through a duty free You can find bargains or when you arrive at your destination you may need to take a taxi or public transport. To avoid problems, it is best to always carry a good sum of money in your pocket.

2. Safety margin on transfers


For an experienced traveler, a transfer never goes down an hour or an hour and a half. So, when you choose transportation for your trip, Do not forget at any time to decide enough security time to make the change. Remember that planes are delayed, airports may be crowded, adverse weather conditions, etc.

«A trip is like a marriage. The right way to make a mistake is to think that you control it. ”

-John Steinbeck-

3. Choose bus yes or yes

It is evident that buses are usually the cheapest options to travel, but they have many inconveniences. Transit time is higher and, in addition, comfort is not its strength. Think that in a long transfer you will arrive tired, you will lose time to enjoy your destination and it can even put you in a bad mood.

4. Prepare your cancellation insurance

Normally, cancellation insurance for transport does not usually raise the total amount of the ticket much. In fact, if you travel with airlines, this practice is highly recommended if the flight is canceled or vicissitudes arise. Rest assured that you will avoid problems and live quieter.

5. Transportation in carpooling

One method that has more followers every day is the carpooling. East it consists of traveling by car and sharing expenses. A good example of this is the famous company Bla Bla Car.

But nevertheless, we must not forget that we ride in other people's vehicles, and may be dirty, with a very full trunk or that is a driver not very demanding with the rules. Think about it before choosing this option.

Vava Vladimir Jovanovic

6. Underestimate distances

Another mistake that often hurts the traveler is to underestimate distances and locations. This fact can make transport routes more expensive and slower. So, make sure your hotel is in a good area if you don't want to leave your travel budget in several daily taxis later.

7. Print your check in online

Although today everything is done through the internet, the check in online Printed is still a good practice to avoid excessively long queues in the airport. So, remember to bring all your documentation checked, in order and renewed if necessary so that problems do not arise at the worst time.

8. Cheap transportation can be expensive

We must not forget to look at the bargains with magnifying glass. For example, if we think of a cheap flight. Many times, you will land at airports far away from your real destination and with poor public transport combinations. This fact will finally make your trip more expensive, making the savings minimal or non-existent and lengthening the waiting and travel times.

9. Take care of your luggage

Another good tip is that of always take care of your luggage and not leave it within reach of other people. Remember that in certain countries, this can be a treat for people with few scruples and losing all your things on a trip is a horrible experience. So, especially by train, take care of your bags with care.

Jaromir Chalabala

10. Choose your transport method well

It is horrible to make an excited trip and, once in your means of transport everything is uncomfortable. You cannot stretch your legs, the seats are old and small, the vehicle is ramshackle, there is no room for luggage or you have children nearby who do not stop crying.

So that, choose the way of movement that best suits you, your personality and your needs so that your trip does not start with a bad mood.

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