The 5 best countries to travel alone

We present today the 5 best countries to travel alone. Do youWho said that to have fun you have to go as a couple, family or with friends? Every day there are more people who undertake their adventure without more company than oneself.

Although that "better alone than in bad company« it's true too you must remember that Solo travel at times can be stressful. You have to know how to move freely in any type of situation, look for safe countries and know at all times that you have no one to talk to or to lend a hand.

However, the fact traveling is a pleasure in itself, and doing it alone can be as rewarding as in company. Therefore, let's see the 5 best countries to travel alone.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica - colacat

We begin our route today approaching Costa Rica. Without a doubt, one of the best countries to travel alone, since It is considered by many to be the state in which people are happiest.

Further, Costa Rica stands out for a really nice ecotourism and exemplary for the surrounding Central American countries.

Costa Rica has also been very open to tourism in recent years. It is not an excessively expensive country, although it is not cheap either, that is, it has reasonable prices. And of course, its inhabitants will welcome you with open arms and help you in everything you need.

2. Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan - Sean Pavone

We are now going to East Asia, to Japan in particular. If there is a place that has made solitude a virtue that is the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Japan has a unique mix in the world of culture and ancestral customs, myths and legends really spectacular and a standard of living and technology that others can only dream of it.

“Leave your house. Go alone. Travel light. Take a map. Go overland. Cross the border on foot. Write a diary. Read a novel unrelated to where you are. Avoid using the mobile. Make a friend. »

-Paul Theroux-

Since Japanese society is very individualistic, it is no wonder the lonely traveler. In addition, the communications and services of the Japanese country are really impressive.

Get ready to discover Japan alone, but be careful with your budget, since the Asian technology giant is really expensive, although the services, its geography, its monuments and its people are well worth the outlay.

3. Canada

Vancouver, Canada - Hannamariah

We totally change from third to now we move to another of the best countries to travel alone. In this case, We focus on North America to make a stop and stop in Canada.

Canada is a country with enormous technological and social advances. It is considered one of the most developed on the planet and that is reflected in its people, in their education and in their sympathy.

Further, Canada has really spectacular big cities, like Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver. They are very advanced, a fact that contrasts with the impressive nature of the country, thanks to its lakes, mountains or really lush and lush forests.

4. New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand - Chris Howey

We continue traveling from end to end of the globe in our search for the best countries to travel alone in the world and we headed to the Southern Hemisphere to stop in New Zealand.

The kindness and sympathy of its people makes it an ideal candidate for a solo visit. New Zealanders are deeply respectful of the environment, people and everything in general. If you have any problem, it is good that it happens here, because they will help you as much as they can to get you out.

This is also one of the countries with the most beautiful vegetation and nature on Earth. In addition, due to the filming of the trilogies of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit", you can still visit Hobbitown, which stands by valleys, forests, mountains and lush vegetation that is able to take away the breath given Her beauty.

5. Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden - Oleksiy Mark

Finally, we stayed in Europe to visit old Sweden as the last destination on our list to travel alone in the world. It is a very quiet country, inhabited by very educated and socially advanced people and with an exuberant nature.

In addition, sun lovers have their ideal destination in Sweden, since in summer there are hours of daylight at mansalva. In fact, there is hardly any night. If you like to enjoy free time on the street, in the middle of nature and in spectacular open spaces, Sweden is the best country to travel alone in Europe.

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