10 ways to work while traveling the world

The dream of many is to work while traveling and knowing the world. If you like to travel, this is a very smart way to finance your traveling style. It will offer you the possibility of living new experiences and will also give you much freedom. You will feel that you can go anywhere and live on your trips.

Do you want to know 10 ways to work while traveling? Here you have them.

1. Crewing

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Crewing it means to work done on the high seas while traveling inside a cruise or boat as personal on board. The crewing It is highly demanded by shipping companies for maintenance and service personnel, but also for more specific trades such as animator, singer, dance teachers, physical activity or waiters.

Y, If you have navigation skills, you can apply as captain on yachts or sailboats They make private pleasure trips. Do crewing It allows you to work while traveling by sea, making port in different regions of the planet.

2. Disney.


If you want to work while traveling to theme parks, we have good news,Disney performs castings throughout the year for the staff of its parks and cruise lines.

The requirements they demand depend on where you want to work. For example, at Disney Cruises they demand a medium level of English and experience as a waiter and at Disneyland Paris the interviews are in French and English. Everything will depend on your experience and where you want to work.

3. Freelance photographer.

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The digital world and the Internet make it very easy for a photographer to do his job from anywhere in the world. There are many amateurs and professionals, lovers of work while traveling, who compete in this area. If you think you can be an excellent photographer, take advantage of the places you visit and try to sell the photos to tourism companies, websites and media.

4. Freelance writer or editor.

The idea of ​​living, traveling and working, all at the same time, can easily be unraveled by a freelance writer or editor. You can write for websites and do it, for example, through a blog in which you tell the experiences of your trips.You just need a computer and an internet connection to do your job from anywhere in the world.

5. Flight attendants.


Every month the airlines make recruitments around the world looking for candidates to be part of their companies as flight attendants. The main requirements? It is essential to speak English and have knowledge of customer service.

6. Babysitter

Is one of the best options for young people who want to learn a language, travel and feel welcome at the same time, especially in the summer season in countries like the United Kingdom.

With this job basic housing and food needs are covered, if you have patience to deal with children and some household chores.

"There is no man more complete than the one who has traveled a lot, who has changed his mind and life twenty times."

-Alphonse Lamartine-

7. Tourist guide.

Travel agencies are the calls to hire this type of professionals, in addition to companies that conduct free guided tours, which are itineraries that are maintained by contributions from tourists. This type of work allows you to move from one city to another. A good way to work while traveling.

8. International Resorts Worker

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International resorts are always looking for staff, so maybe you can get a job at them. These establishments publish a wide variety of job offers from all, from electricians to bakers, tourist entertainers, receptionists, waiters and bellboys. These contracts are made through castings or requests via the Internet.

9. Teacher or tutor online.

Globalization makes online learning an increasingly palpable reality for all. Face-to-face classes are moving to a more relaxed format in which people study and watch classes from home or work.

As an online teacher or tutor, you can work from wherever you want, as long as you maintain contact with the parent institution and fulfill the commitments with it.

10. I work in hostels.

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Although the change of accommodation for tasks in hostels is more popular in Europe, it never hurts to try in other countries of the world. Exchanging work for accommodation can be an excellent alternative to work while traveling and thus know interesting cities.

The tasks performed can be very diverse, from cleaning and customer service to proposing a web design to the establishment, translation of documents, etc.

As you see, traveling and working can go hand in hand. If you want to know the world and you don't have a large budget, this type of jobs can give you that opportunity

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