To these countries it is better not to go in summer

We are going to show you a list of countries to which it is better not to go in summer for different reasons. And traveling is beautiful, but not at any price. That is there are lovely and beautiful places, but you have to know when to go and when it is better to stay at home.

United Arab Emirates

It is clear that the United Arab Emirates, thanks to the splendor and fame of its capital, Dubai is one of the most exotic and attractive destinations for the traveler.

However, if you are one of those who like that when you return to the hotel the soles are still in the shoe, and not on the road melted, you better avoid this destination.During the summer months you can find in Dubai temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, reaching figures of 50 or more at specific times.

United Arab Emirates - Ashraf Jandali

In addition, the water on the coast of the United Arab Emirates during the summer season exceeds 30 degrees. Imagine bathing on a beach as if you were in the shower of your house, it is boiling.
Another really dangerous aspect of the United Arab Emirates during the summer is the level of UV radiation, which can exceed 10 points. So, no matter how attracted you feel to the ostentatious and spectacular city of Dubai, wait for Christmas better if you want to return from a piece.


As in the previous case, Mexico is another country that loses a lot of charm if you visit in summer. In this case, temperatures are not as extreme as in the United Arab Emirates, but storms can be a serious problem.

It is pure statistics. During the summer, Mexico can suffer storms with winds of more than 50 kilometers per hour. Do you really think there is a need? It is not worth the risk of ruining a beautiful trip because of this type of risk.

Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico D.F.- Bill Perry

Another important aspect to highlight in Mexico and the entire Caribbean area are hurricanes. If a storm reaches this level, the wind speed far exceeds 100 kilometers per hour. A natural manifestation that causes true catastrophes.


Another of the great international destinations to avoid during the summer months is India. In this case, also related to the previous one, the risk is in the constant rains that you will suffer if you arrive during July or August.

Varanasi, India / Alexander Mazurkevich

We must not forget the geographical location of India, especially its central area. Like Mexico in the previous case, it is full Tropic of Cancer, so the summer months suffer the monsoon season, which has a large presence throughout the territory of Southeast Asia.
In the case of India, rains cause real disasters like river overflow. And let's not forget that a favorite destination of the traveler who visits this country in summer is the Ganges.


Colosseum in Rome - S. Borisov

We go now with an amazing country on this list. Italy is among the countries not to visit in summer because its inhabitants are on vacation. So, if what you want is to visit Rome empty at 40 degrees of temperature, restaurants and places closed for the summer period and the beautiful coastal towns crowded with bathers and with full hotels, it is your time to get to know the transalpine country. Otherwise, it is better to avoid it.


Cairo, Egypt - Gurgen Bakhshetsyan

We leave now to Egypt. If you are interested in knowing the coastal areas, you will have less warm temperatures. But nevertheless, imagine yourself in the desert watching the pyramids at more than 40 degrees of temperature. It seems that it doesn't attract much, right?

"The blue sky remained far away and the sun was like a hot iron that burned your neck."

-Khaled Hosseini-


Petra, Jordan - Pocholo Calapre

Finally, we approach Jordan. What is most known about this country? The wonderful city of Petra, which during the summer months it suffers temperatures close to 40 degrees.

Another important enclave of Jordan is Wadi Rum. If you think it's hot in Petra, imagine what it can be like to walk through the desert.

It is a shame not to be able to take advantage of summer vacations to travel to these countries, but luckily, the year is very long. Choose wisely when to enjoy each place in all its splendor.

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