6 countries aware of ecotourism

Would you like to do ecotourism? If that is your case, you cannot miss the countries that we are going to show you. Countries that are characterized by a great respect for the preservation of nature, of the environment and the local population.

The term ecotourism was introduced in 1992 during the World Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since that time it has been consolidating as one of the best ways to do tourism and more and more countries are joining this important initiative.

The goal of ecotourism is none other than to respect and preserve nature. It is about making a responsible trip in which the environment is not damaged, as well as the local population.

The leading ecotourism countries

If you like to travel and you are also passionate about nature, you can not miss these countries that we began to travel.

New Caledonia

This beautiful archipelago located in Melanesia, one of the divisions of Oceania, is one of the leading countries that promote ecotourism. In fact, It is the country that has more protected areas around the world.

Coral benches, New Caledonia - Ethan Daniels

One of the most recent measures taken by the government is to ban shark hunting. In the seas of New Caledonia a great variety of species of sharks and other marine species that form the largest marine reserve in the world come together.


This beautiful country in Central Europe takes the conversation and preserving the environment very seriously. Not in vain surpasses other European countries such as Germany or Poland in terms of extension of protected areas.

Lake Bled, Slovenia - Gaspar Janos

In Slovenia you can enjoy the most impressive landscapes such as the Soca Valley, one of the many protected areas by the authorities of that country. Also you can enjoy the most exquisite organic vegetables from organic farms that are found throughout the country.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the tourist destinations preferred by numerous travelers around the world. The warmth of its climate and its people, together with the most impressive natural landscapes and respect for the environment, make this one of the most charming places on the American continent.

Forest in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica - Anna Omelchenko

Costa Rica has a large number of protected areasIn addition, it is expected that by 2021 it will be the first country in the world to fully use natural carbon. One of its most emblematic protected areas is the Cahuita National Park.

And if that was not enough, Costa Rica encourages the development of organic farms, animal rehabilitation centers and the conservation of coffee plantations as the axis of its tourist center.

Adventure ecotourism


This lush African country He was the first to include environmental protection in his constitution.

Namibian Dunes - Willem Kruger

Namibia has large areas of protected territory that can be tour through safaris Extremely careful with the environment. The plains of Kavango, the Ethosa National Park and the spectacular Namib Desert coastal desert are just some of the sites protected by the State.


This South American country It is one of the most demanding regarding the environment, especially if it's the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Islands, Peru - RHG

Fishing in the protected areas is prohibited in the Galapagos Islands, the crystals are recycled, the visits are promoted and processed by a very small group of agencies and even souvenirs or souvenirs must be made with elements that do not have plant materials.


If you want to do adventure tourism and ecological tourism, Groenladia must be your next destination. This country is the leader of luxury eco-tourism.

Greenland - Denis Burdin

The excursions have stops at eco-lodges that encourage and respect everything related to nature.These expeditions assure the ecoviajero an experience full of adrenaline which you can meet and enjoy some of the wildest places in the country.

«Art, glory, freedom wither, but nature always remains beautiful.»

-Lord Byron-

Ecotourism is a new travel modality that is taking more force. Many countries are joining this wonderful initiative to promote tourism through the utmost respect for nature. Which of these countries would you like to meet on your next trip?

Video: Video #16 Environmental Impacts of Tourism 10 narrated slides, 6:46 (February 2020).