5 types of people you shouldn't travel with

We all know that there are certain types of people you shouldn't travel with, never. A trip, like any facet of our life, must be done in the right company.

Our trips are unique moments in places we may never return. That is why it is a very important matter to select our partners well. Here are a few models of behavior from which we must flee. Each one that puts names and surnames.

1. The stingy

As we have said, a trip provides unrepeatable moments. We would all spend more money on our vacation, but economic constraints rule. Of course, we must not count to the last cent, We must be generous with ourselves and give ourselves a well-deserved tribute.

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Because, a ruddy is a type of person we shouldn't travel with. Stingy attitudes can overwhelm you. They can annoy a good meal, who knows if there will be another opportunity to make it on the banks of the canals of Venice or at a grill in Buenos Aires.

These experiences and many others are essential during a trip and it is a pity to look at your pocket and not taste the food. The truth is that the company of a stingy can end up in an argument that surely ends up saying that «for this don't come, stay at home ».

2. The piggy

Another type of person that is not desirable on a trip, are those who do not abuse their hygiene. That is, the pigs. Their smells and their appearance will end up bothering us And it will also affect us when we sit in a restaurant or when requesting a room at the hotel.


Imagine certain awkward situations. For example, our partner, or partner who also has them, does not give off a precisely pleasant smell. Well, queuing up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, the rest of the people in the queue do not identify the specific person who gives off that smell, so they can look at us with disgust. And let's not say anymore, when we get with them in the elevator that leads to the viewpoint. Very long minutes, no doubt.

3. The hyperactive

We've all heard friends and family returning from a trip and describing it like this: “very pretty, but very tired. ” This indicates that it was not really satisfactory or pleasant.. That is, a trip very close to being a failure.

The same thing can happen to us if we travel with an hyperactive person, who wants to see everything and do whatever activity they propose. Whatever the trip, it can transform it into a torture.

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If you go with him to New York, he will exhaust you by going from skyscrapers to skyscrapers. When you might want to buy a hot dog in Central Park, lie on the grass and simply be aware that you are in the Big Apple at that time.

Another example. You travel with a hyperactive to the Riviera Maya, you looking for relaxation under a coconut tree. But your company wants to dive, ride a jet ski, see all the pre-Columbian temples in the surroundings, paddle kayaking, go fishing, etc, etc ... The end will always be the same, asking him to leave you alone With your sunbed and your mojito.

4. The anger

More types you shouldn't travel with. Now It is the turn of the fight, which can have two variants, the largemouth and the aggressive. In both cases, it can ruin a trip.

The bigmouth and its comments can get you to serve the worst paella from the beach bar, since he has offended the waiter from the first moment with his comments. And of course, he has taken revenge by serving a little late, just time for the rice to pass.

While,the aggressive type of anger can be a big problem in destinations where people are also warm blooded. For example, in Athens or Marrakech, where the bargaining game can end very badly for everyone.

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"I have discovered that there is no safer way to know if you love or hate someone than taking a trip with him."

-Mark Twain-

5. The ruler

And finally, here it goes a type of person from whom you must flee on your travels, the ruler. You cannot allow your vacation to be driven by another person. You already have a boss at work all year. Do not take another trip.

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The charm of a trip is the feeling of freedom it provides. It seems that everything is at your disposal. However, a bossy or bossy immediately loads that magic.

We all have examples in mind. But here goes one. Travel to London, and the order is: we will go up to the London Eye because then we have to go to eat at 12.30, before two leave the pub and enter the Cathedral of St. Paul ... and thus the strict planning for every day. When you want to go to Candem or Portobello (according to your tastes) and hang out shopping, without hurry and you will already eat something in a street stall when you are hungry.

If you really want to enjoy an unforgettable trip, analyze your potential adventure companions well. There are people with whom you should not travel, remember that it is always better to do it alone than in bad company.