Two paradise islands that hardly anyone knows

The most beautiful is sometimes the most unknown. If you feel like traveling to some paradise islands that barely appear in the tourist brochures, join us. We are going to show you two dream places, with wonderful landscapes and little crowded. Enjoy everything they offer.

Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines - AsiaTravel

If you have ever dreamed of walking through an idyllic setting, on a little known paradise island, you have to go to the Nest, on the island of Palawan. This town is a starting point to explore the Bacuit archipelago. There are 45 islands where you will find perfect beaches without human beings in sight, crystal clear waters and white sands in contrast to a green and lush vegetation inside.

If you are looking for postcard images and a lot of tranquility this is the ideal place. El Nido is one of those virtually virgin places in which civilization has not swallowed everything and you can enjoy nature in its purest state.

The nest. Philippines - Lano Lan

A true Eden, yes, with some other inconvenience. In this area you will not find ATMs, so you must have enough cash. If not, you will have to go to Puerto Princesa to get money.

Another drawback is that it is not easy to mobilize and, in addition, the power supply is not yet continuous and may fail. Blackouts occur with some frequency, although the hotels and restaurants of category have their own electric generator.

What to do in the Nest and in the Bacuit archipelago?

The first thing is obviously to enjoy the sun and the magnificent beaches. But if you like to enjoy the underwater treasures do not forget your snorkeling or diving equipment. You are in a fantastic place to enjoy this activity, since here the marine life is fascinating. In El Nido you can rent the equipment, but it is not economical.

Bacuit Archipelago, Philippines - R.nagy

Another of the activities you can enjoy is kayaking through the islands of the Bacuit archipelago or make some of the tours designed to delight visitors by showing them the most beautiful corners of this paradise.

Sao Tome and Principe, paradise islands in the Atlantic

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It is one of the least known but most beautiful corners of the planet. An archipelago that is located about 250 kilometers from the west coast of Gabon. Former Portuguese colony, Sao Tome and Principe is today a small and idyllic African country.

Ideal for a different holiday, enjoy the sun and beaches with few tourists, Sao Tome and Principe is a true earthly paradise. Here you will find wild beaches, almost unexplored, bathed by clean and crystal clear waters.

«Happiness is nature, beauty and tranquility.»

-Debasish Mridha-

But if its coast is magnificent, its interior is not less, covered by beautiful tropical forests They reach the same coast. Forests with an incredible variety, both vegetable and faunal.

What to do in Sao Tome and Principe?

If you have a good appetite, here you will enjoy the beauty. This island is known for its great fish and seafood, such as sea snails, spider crabs and octopus. The food consumed is caught at the moment, everything is very fresh. And, in addition, fruits abound, especially exotic, eight out of ten trees found on this island are fruit.

And, if you're sweet tooth, don't stop trying chocolate, a product that here is especially delicious. In Santo Tomé there is a factory of this sweet product, a reminder of the colonial era, in which these islands led the export of cocoa.

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We have not forgotten its beaches, dream places, transparent waters and fine white sands. The inhabitants of the island are not very inclined to visit the beaches and, considering that there is very little tourism, you can enjoy the landscape, loneliness, palm trees and even eat a coconut if you feel like it.

Another activity that is especially attractive here is hiking. Strolling through its forests enjoying a virgin and wild nature is a real delight. You can see imposing coconut trees, giant begoñas, beautiful birds, reptiles, etc.

Cão Grande Peak, Sao Tome and Principe - Philippe Bourachot /

Do you prefer the marine world? So it’s also the perfect place, Here you can dive at your leisure or go diving in its wonderful waters. And on the coast you can contemplate, if you arrive at the right time, fantastic giant turtles that come here to spawn.

El Nido, and with him Bacuit, and Sao Tome and Principe, two paradisiacal destinations to enjoy a vacation away from civilization. Wonderful beaches, landscapes full of charm and clean and crystal clear waters, very little crowded orders Can you ask for more?

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