19 things that show if you're addicted to travel

Almost everyone loves to travel, there is nothing more relaxing and fun than planning your next adventure, but do you consider yourself a travel addict? There are certain traits that make the difference between a person who enjoys traveling and a true addict Do you want to meet them?

You are addicted to travel if ...

1. You love it read any magazine or blog dedicated to travel and when you watch television, your favorite shows are those of expeditions to other cities.

2. For you, planning a trip is simple. You are a true expert in everything related to the purchase of economic tickets, visa applications, lodging and even the necessary and required vaccines for each country.

3. You can pack with everything you need for your next trip in just 30 minutes, you are an expert in organizing the garments and basic products in the smallest places, you know very well how to take advantage of each and every one of the spaces of your luggage.


4. When you hear that someone spent a high sum of money on a 7-day trip to Rome, you can't believe it. You think you could have made that trip with half or less of your budget, and that is You know some tricks with which traveling is much cheaper: cheaper accommodations, shared car rentals or more accessible restaurants, among others.

5. You love your home, but you like to drop your bags anywhere in the world. Maybe it's because you have many friends living in different cities or, simply, because for youyour true home is each of the cities that you have known and hope to know.

Your passion is traveling

6. For you, vacations are not simply a few days a year, in fact, you are constantly planning to escape to a weekend adventure. Meet new beaches, mountains or a simple inn, any holiday is a Perfect excuse to travel.

7. You love traveling so much that you can do it alone, you are not afraid of loneliness and you enjoy planning and knowing new places by yourself. If you can be accompanied by friends or family, much better, but that condition does not stop you.

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8. All your stories begin with the phrase: "When i was at… "

9. Te you know several airports by heart and also the acronym by which different cities are called.

10. Your priority in life is travel. For that reason you save up to the last cent and on many occasions you deprive yourself of going to the movies or good restaurants to get to know more cities.

11. You are subscribed to several tourism pages through which you can get airline tickets, train, car rental, lodging and others. You also request that you get an alarm when an interesting offer comes out, no matter where, you never know what your next destination may be.

You are the expert of the family

12. Even if you have your preferences for places you want to know, you are one of those who think that Every country in the world has something nice and interesting to offer.


13. Probably Your wallpaper is one of the many places you have visited or of that which you are determined to know.

14. For you, traveling is more than making a rigid schedule of places to know, it is living the culture, food and all those little experiences that the city has. Travel It is a new opportunity to meet people and live adventures.

15. Most likely in your wallet you can find a great variety of currencies and notes from other countries.

16. Your house is full of all kinds of Memories of the sites you have visited. The safest thing is that no single magnet fits in your refrigerator.

17. Your family and friends They usually turn to you for advice for their next trip: What do you recommend me? What hotels do you know are of quality and affordable price? Do you know any low cost airline?

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18. You have become a true expert in capturing the most spectacular sunsets and the most impressive monuments with your camera. Your computer and social networks are full of photographs who have captured the happiest moments of your travels.

19. You have just arrived at your home and you are already planning your next tripYou can't wait for time to pack again and travel the entire world.

"There is no man more complete than the one who has traveled a lot, who has changed his mind and life twenty times."

-Alphonse Lamartine-

Traveling is a pleasure, there is no better way to learn about other cultures and have fun than traveling around the world and you, do you consider yourself a travel addict?