The most interesting sites of Pamplona

Pamplona it is more than the San Fermín confinementsThere are interesting parks such as The Citadel, impressive monuments, its beautiful old town and much more. If you are thinking of spending a few days in Pamplona here we mention places that you cannot miss.

1. Old Town of Pamplona

It is one of the most beautiful areas of the city, where visitors spend most of their time. Formerly the Old Town was surrounded by a wall and nowadays you can still see some sections of that wall.

Old Town of Pamplona - Noradoa

The cobbled streets of Casco Viejo they are mostly pedestrian and they make their way along the historical heart of the city, between medieval churches, palaces, bars and restaurants.

The Castle Square is the center of life of the Old Town and it is full of restaurants, bars and hotels. This is where Ernest Hemingway used to sit down for coffee while working on his book. Party.

Castle Square - Migel

2. Estafeta street

Estafeta street is a mandatory visit during your stay in Pamplona. It is one of the most popular streets because there the runs of San Fermín run, is located in the Old Town and is the nerve center of the city.

Estafeta Street - Noradoa

This street has two parts. The first, from the curve with Mercaderes street, is quieter with small shops, while the second, from the Javier descent and towards the Bullring, is more moved, with bars and restaurants Where to enjoy local cuisine.

3. The Cathedral

Cathedral It is one of the most outstanding monuments of the city and one of the most important religious buildings in Spain.

Pamplona Cathedral - Deymos.HR

Although various architectural styles can be seen in it, highlights its facade of neoclassical style.In the presbytery is the tomb of Carlos III and his wife Leonor, a true alabaster work of art. At the bottom, 28 beautiful figures are sculpted that, together with the stained glass windows and chapels, will leave you impressed.

4. The Citadel

It is located in the heart of Pamplona and next to it is the Vuelta a Castillo, a huge garden of 275,000 square meters. The Citadel is a fortified set of five bastions, raised in the 16th century, during the reign of Philip II.

The Citadel - Alberto Loyo

Inside we find beautiful gardens. Its interior rooms are currently used for exhibitions and concerts. You cannot miss visiting La Ciudadela park during your stay in Pamplona.

5. The Bullring

Pamplona is famous for its bull confinement, that run through the city streets to the square. In the other dates of the year this square is like an area apart from the life of the city. Closed the sand, from the outside you can only imagine the show that takes place inside.

Bullring of Pamplona - Madrid11 /

In the square, too there is a bust dedicated to Hemingway, who set his novel here Party, and some photos where you can see the well-known writer at the time of his stay in Pamplona.

»There are only three sports: bullfighting, car racing and mountaineering. The rest are simple games. »

-Ernest Hemingway-

6. The Sanfermines of Pamplona

The Sanfermines takes place in the city streets in mid-July, on the occasion of the festival of San Fermín. A tradition where people dressed in white with red scarf run with the bulls along the confinement to reach the square.

Confinements of Pamplona - Migel

It is impressive to receive in the square those who come running with the bulls. The party atmosphere is very fun and the programming of activities goes from the cultural to the most bullfighting.

7. The planetarium of Pamplona

The Pamplona planetarium is located inside the Yamaguchi Park. It is a brick-built building with a 20-meter dome, the largest in the peninsula. As well offers various options to bring astronomy and astrology to the little ones, but without forgetting adults. It is a spectacular experience.

8. Parks by the river

Next to the river we have parks like La Media Luna, on the wall, or Tejera Park, next to the oldest monuments in the city. It is a journey of great beauty, here we will find the towers that flank one of the ends of the wall and the Plaza de Santa María la Real, an enclosure that houses the Archbishop's Palace, in the Baroque style.

Following the wall and passing through the Zumalacárregui Gate, one of the six entrance gates to the city, we arrive at the Santo Domingo Park, the third of which is between the wall and the river.

New Gate - Noradoa

From here we can visit the Town Hall, whose original structure only remains the baroque facade of the eighteenth century; the Seminary of San Juan Bautista, which houses inside the Sarrasate Museum, and the Municipal Archive.

Pamplona is known to the Sanfermines, but, as you see, it offers much more to the visitor. It is a lovely city where you can spend unforgettable days at any time of the year.

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