The 8 most colorful beaches in the world

One sense that we use a lot when traveling is sight. Beautiful landscapes fill our souls as we enter our mind through our eyes.. That is why today we will taste a really peculiar tourist menu, the 8 most colorful beaches in the world.

Approaching a beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters is always a magnificent experience. But there are amazing beaches, tinged with exotic colors, a mystical and almost magical tone. In them, the adventure is really wonderful. That's why we show you below some of the most beautiful.

1. Red Sands Shore Beach, Canada

Red Sands Shore, Canada - David P. Lewis

To visit the most colorful beaches in the world we will begin our trip in distant Canada. There we found Red Sands Shore, located on Prince Island. Due to the enormous concentration of iron, the reddish tone of the coast is impressive. This, added to the gigantic size of this corner in the world, makes it our first selected beach

2. Papakolea Beach, United States

Papakolea, United States - Pavel Tvrdy

We do not leave the part of North America, although this time we travel to Hawaii to visit Papakolea. It is a peculiar green beach due to the unique mineral composition of its sand grains. Without a doubt, something unusual and very strange to see, which make this site a very particular case. In addition, the sun intensifies the natural feeling of this piece of coastline.

3. Hyams Beach, Australia

Hyams Beach, Australia - Jonas Smith /

We continue our tour of the most colorful beaches in the world to visit Australia this time. There is Hyams Beach, a corner full of white sand that turns the place into a mystical and almost magical center, since there is no piece of coastline more illuminated than this.

It is considered the whitest beach on the planet. Even the Guinness Book of Records certifies this fact. In addition, it has an extra incentive, and this piece of coast without equal is practically virgin.

4. Pink Beach, Indonesia

Pink Beach, Indonesia - Pocholo Calapre

We take a small jump now to get closer to Komodo, located in Indonesia. Pink Beach is one of the few examples of pink beaches we find in the world. This natural fact is due to the mixture of red and white sand that is in high concentration along the coast.

5. Rhodes Beach, Spain

Rhodes Beach, Spain - arousa

We continue our journey looking for the most colorful beaches in the world to reach Spain. In the Cíes Islands, located in the community of Galicia, we face the beach of Rhodes. It is a popular corner of the coast with a white sand that contrasts with the turquoise tone of its waters, which offers a set as spectacular as it is beautiful.

6. Jökulsárlón in Iceland

Jokulsárlón - Adam Nettleton /

We march now through northern Europe to reach one of the most colorful beaches in the world, but also colder. In this case we stop in Iceland to visit Jökulsárlón. It is a black beach which is actually a kind of glacial lake of enormous proportions and that is also connected to the sea.

The weather is so extreme in this part of the country that frozen white fragments form on the dark sandcreating huge contrasts in the landscape. Of course, despite the beauty, few are the brave who would dare to bathe in the waters of Jökulsárlón.

7. Xi Beach, Greece

Xi Beach, Greece - Brykaylo Yuriy

We follow our route to reach Greece. On the island of Defalonia we find Xi Beach, a beach in which the white of the cliffs contrasts with an intense orange sand. To this is added the intense turquoise color of the sea, shaping a corner of authentic fantasy.

«Upon coming into contact with a certain color, it immediately synchronizes with the human spirit, producing a determined and important effect on the mood.»

-Johan Wolfgang von Goethe-

8. Shelter Cove, United States

Shelter Cove, United States - Bryan Brazil /

We finished our exciting journey through the most colorful beaches in the world at Shelter Cove, located in California, belonging to the United States. In this case, the sand has taken a gray tone, the work of the volcanic stone of the place, which makes this coast a truly mysterious space provided with a disturbing beauty.

Wonderful, amazing and almost always amazing, these beaches are a real delight to behold Which one do you prefer?

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