5 destinations in Spain for scuba diving

Scuba diving is a sport that gains followers year after year. If you are one of those people who enjoy underwater activities, here we will tell you where you can go diving in Spain.

1. Isla de Hierro, a paradise for scuba diving

If there is an ideal place for scuba diving in Spain, it is El Hierro. This island is in the middle of transparent waters. Thousands of tourists travel there to practice and enjoy this sport every year.

Canary Coast - Anatoly Sokolov

The transparency of its waters allows you to admire all the marine beauty of the place, you just have to relax and enjoy this site.

The best places on this Canary island for diving are in the Veril, where you can see, photograph and enjoy the strange black coral, which contrasts with the clear waters of the Atlantic. Here you will enjoy diving with blankets, barracudas and even dolphins.

2. Cap de Creus, for all types of divers

The Girona region, especially the Costa Brava, is one of the great places to go scuba diving in Spain. This is a protected natural region, so it retains all the charm of nature. You will enjoy to the maximum, not only to practice this sport, but of the sight that this site offers you.

Costa Brava - Nanisimova

The crystal clear waters of this magnificent place will allow you to fully see the generous marine flora and fauna. If you are a newbie, the Bau de Moli and La Galera are Shallow places, ideal to start.

In Massa d'Or Island you will find the best biological reserve in the areaThis is a place for experienced divers to practice this sport at ease.

«The happiness of the bee and that of the dolphin is to exist. The man's is to discover this and marvel at it.

-Jacques-Yves Cousteau-

3. Scuba diving in the Columbretes Islands

The Columbretes are made up of four volcanic islands. This set of islands is made up of the Columbrete Grande, La Ferrera, el Bergantín and La Horadada islands. They are located about 30 miles from Cabo Oropesa, in Castellón. The depth around this island ranges from 80 meters.

This is a magnificent site for scuba diving in Spain, since the waters of the Mediterranean and the variety of marine flora and fauna make it a unique place.

Columbretes Islands - Manel / Flickr.com

Another point of interest that this site has is marine orography, very interesting to see for its volcanic origin. Columbrete Grande Island has an open arc-shaped profile, which indicates a great underwater volcanic activity.

4. Cíes Islands, diving in Galician waters

These islands have a very beautiful and friendly marine fauna. This is one of the places where you can go diving in Spain while you are accompanied by whales, congers, brunettes or dolphins. You can also see lobsters and starfish on this site.

Cíes Islands - JavierR

Here you can explore the seabed, investigate its archeology and its natural wealth, which have been included within the National Park of the Atlantic Islands. A place, undoubtedly, beautiful for diving in Spain.

5. Cabo Cope, diving in a different place

This is one of the most beautiful areas where you can go diving in Spain. It is an area with a great landscape and also a great ecological value.Caves and colorful stone walls, rocky bottoms and a meadow of oceanic posidonia that reaches beyond where the view comes, contribute to give this site a beauty rarely seen.

Seabed - Dudarev Mikhail

To give a greater environment and contribute to the ecosystem, they have been created with sunken artificial reef fishing boats, in order to give shelter to a great diversity of flora and fauna. Boats that joined with ropes to make it easier for divers to move between them. The depth of Cabo Cope does not exceed 30 meters.

The fauna that you can find in this place of the Murcian coast are crossbows, conger, octopus and brunettes. This is a different place for diving, thanks to the artificial reefs and a beautiful cavern.

As you have seen, Spain has fantastic places to start or to practice a sport as beautiful as scuba diving. Do you know any of these places?

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