12 cheap countries to travel

Traveling at a reasonable price does not mean that you should look for a destination very close to home so that you can reach the money. As well there are cheap countries in remote and exotic areas. Destinations Tourists that have excellent deals on flights and a low cost of living.

In these countries you can enjoy a great vacation without having to declare bankruptcy. And everyone will surprise you with its enormous beauty. We go through those places, some closer than others, where you can enjoy some fantastic days for very little money.

1. India

Kerala, india - Pikoso.kz

The rupee is a currency that, in turn, is very economical for those of us who live in countries with euros or US dollars. In this country you can live with 10 euros per day including transportation, accommodation and maintenance.

If you travel to India, you will discover one of the most complete, beautiful and economical countries of the world. You can visit fantastic cities like Agra or Jaipur or make wonderful routes that will take you through corners of overwhelming beauty.

2. Yemen

Sana'a, the capital of this Middle Eastern country, has the lowest cost of living in the world, something you will notice in your pocket if you decide to travel to Yemen.

With beautiful desert landscapes, Yemen enjoys a warm climate and it is bordered by the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. Here gastronomy, leisure activities and the purchase of alcohol and tobacco are much cheaper than in other international destinations.

3. Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal - Mapics

Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, even when it comes to luxury accommodation.In addition, Lisbon is one of the main airports in Europe, so getting to this country is very simple.

In Portugal you can enjoy its fantastic climate and exquisite but economical food, also an incredible relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in its towns and cities.

4. Moldova

Moldova is a European country that stands out for its rural landscapes. Here accommodation, food and transportation are very cheap and, depending on the characteristics of the trip, you can spend a day without spending more than 20 euros.

5. Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia - dimbar76

Although it is becoming important as a tourist destination, inEstonia travelers costs are cheaper than in other Baltic tourist destinations. However, it is a lovely country.

The capital, Tallinn, has numerous historical sites, museums and festivals for the enjoyment of visitors. Do not forget to visit its fantastic walled enclosure or the town hall square.

6. Romania

Romania is another ideal country for cheap travel. Of course, you must visit the famous Transylvania, the most charming corner of Romania. You will be surprised not only by its legends and castles, but also by its fantastic landscapes.

If we have the maintenance, stay and transportation to various locations in the region we will not have an expense of more than 25 euros per day of travel.

7. Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Anna Jedynak

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia that is full of culture, wildlife and a warm climate.It also has one of the cheapest living costs compared to hundreds of other international destinations.

The capital, Phnom Penh, it's especially cheap with thousands of hotel rooms at reasonable prices and meals available at almost ridiculous prices. But if you travel to this country you should not miss some of its fantastic temples, such as Angkor Wat.

8. Colombia

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia - Jess Kraft

Colombia is a beautiful country that can be traveled at very affordable prices. If you travel as a backpacker, you will not exceed 10 euros per day, though, If you want more services, the price can increase to 20 euros per day.

A cheap destination but full of wonderful corners like Cartagena de Indias, the Amazon jungle or Barranquilla, with its colorful carnivals.

9. Lithuania

In Lithuania, another of the Baltic republics, You can have a day with accommodation, transportation and food for 23 euros. Lithuania tends to be confused with Latvia, but prices between them vary widely.

Vilnius, the capital, is a lovely city. A city surrounded by parks in which the green of the forests blends with the red of the rooftops. Its historic center is also a World Heritage Site.

“More important than the trip itself is what remains in the spirit of the traveler”

-Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo-

10. Guatemala

In Guatemala, if you travel as a backpacker, you can live with 5 euros a day. If you want hotel accommodation and maintenance, as well as concrete transport will be about 15 euros per day, depending on what you choose.

What can you see in this wonderful country? Here you can enjoy fantastic beaches, incredible landscapes and Mayan temples absolutely wonderful.

11. Thailand

Andaman Sea, Thailand - Preto Perola

The trip to Thailand, without the flights, It is one of the most economical and that offers a wide range of activities. For about 12 euros per day it is easy to travel to this country in a completely comfortable way.

Thailand has many attractions, from beautiful temples to paradisiacal beaches of crystalline waters and snowy sands.

12. Jamaica

If you prefer the Caribbean, Jamaica is your destination, a country that offers visitors a tropical paradise at affordable prices. Keep in mind that here the cost of accommodation is significantly lower than in other neighboring destinations.

As you see, there are cheap but beautiful and attractive countries. Destinations in which to enjoy an incredible vacation in every way, including the budget.

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