6 cities for food lovers

Gastronomic tourism is in fashion. Today there are many food lovers who travel in search of novelties for the palate. The world is full of interesting places to enjoy millions of culinary offers able to turn any excursion into a real delight. Join us on a journey more than appetizing.

European destinations for food lovers

The cuisine of European countries is very rich, but we will not stop in two very different corners.

1. Cagliari, Italy

Cagliari, Sardinia - Sean Pavone

The good taste of Italian food is recognized worldwide but few know the tasty flavor of Sardinian delicacies. In its capital, Cagliari, you can taste the typical foods of Sardinian cuisine, which include fresh pasta, cheese, sausages, olive oil and other products of Mediterranean cuisine.

Malloreddu is a typical pasta dish that is prepared with crushed tomato sauce and sausages, all sprinkled with a large amount of grated sheep cheese.

Legume lovers cannot miss the opportunity to taste another of the most typical dishes of the region, is the fabada, that there is prepared with fennel and cabbage.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Halfway between East and West is Istanbul. Due to its invaluable cultural heritage, it is not only interesting for its architectural heritage. Turkish cuisine is famous everywhere but there is nothing like tasting a typical dish like kebab or lentil soup in one of the city's restaurants.

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul - Yulia Grigoryeva

Further, true food lovers can stroll through the Spice Bazaar, which opened in the seventeenth century in order to facilitate the trade of spices brought from exotic countries such as Egypt.

Representative foods of Asia

Completely different is Asian food. We go through some cities that offer an exotic and at the same time exquisite gastronomy.

3. Takayama, Japan

Among the countries with a great culinary tradition, Japan stands out. The country of the rising sun is well known for the exquisiteness of its dishes.

Meat lovers have a must visit to Takayama, a picturesque city located between mountains in the Gifu area.

Its famous Hida veal competes with Kobe meat not only in popularity but also in flavor. The ritual of elaboration of some of the stews that contain it is based on ancient traditions of the place, so it is convenient to enter the small premises and observe this preparation before eating.

4. Xian, China

China is another country with a strong gastronomic culture. The streets of the city of Xian house hundreds of food stands that offer stews delicious lamb, in particular the Yang Rou Pao Mo.

Xian, China - pavel dudek

The locals consider the lamb one of the most nutritious foods that exist. It is usually served in a bowl under which two pieces of bread are included so that the client bathes them to his liking in the sauce.

If you travel in a hurry, the lamb can be obtained in the form of a sandwich by ordering a Rou Jia Mo, a kind of hamburger typical of the area that is also possible to get stuffed with bacon and tortilla.

5. Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is a magical corner and full of intense aromas. Walking through its labyrinthine streets without the mixture of odors coming from restaurants whets the appetite is an impossible task for tourists. This is because the inhabitants of the metropolis tend to make breakfast, lunch and dinner daily outside their homes.

You can't leave the city without trying their classic pork noodles, called Bun cha. The dish consists basically of grilled meat served as a hamburger and accompanied by fish sauce, spices, vegetables and noodles. The same goes for the nems, a kind of Vietnamese-style vegetable spring rolls.

"There is no love more sincere than the love of food."

-George Bernard Shaw-

For food lovers in America

We travel thousands of kilometers to stop on another continent, America, with a gastronomy that has nothing to do with what we have seen so far

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Toniflap

The name of Buenos Aires is preceded by the quality of the Argentinean beef and the good taste of its roasts and grills. The city has thousands of bars and venues where tourists can enjoy the taste of the meat of the Rio de la Plata.

The most recommended dish is a juicy sirloin, either grilled or grilled. Obviously their barbecues are also praiseworthy, which consist of pieces of meat, sausages and black pudding accompanied by roasted vegetables.

After touring the world and knowing such tasty majares, your appetite is sure to open. What dish do you prefer?

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