8 tips to save on a getaway

Are you tired of work and routine and want to enjoy a different weekend? Do you fear that your budget does not give you to go too far? Do not worry, it is possible to organize a fantastic getaway without ruining yourself in the attempt. You just have to follow these tips that we offer you.

1. Look for cheap getaways

If you have not decided on a destination for your getaway look for the best deals on weekend trips. This will save you by letting yourself be guided by the recommendations of the discount websites to discover new corners of your country or even outside your borders.

You also have the gift boxes, are those little packages so fashionable that they contain experiences at much cheaper prices. You just have to choose the trip or accommodation from among the proposals that it includes.

Besalú, Girona - Iakov Filimonov

If you take advantage of these offers and packages you can travel at a good price, save money on accommodation, enjoy a free spa session or receive discounts at an affiliated restaurant.

2. Look for the best discounts

You must have identified the websites of offers in short vacation plans, to check from time to time what they offer. Also physical and online travel agencies offer tour packages specially designed for getaways. And don't forget the last minute offers.

Generally these discount packages head them with the phrase "two nights and 1 day, flight included", or something similar. As well You can mold your own travel offer according to your tastes and needs.

3. Compare

Forever It is good to compare several offers, You never know if we will find a better, cheaper plan with similar characteristics.

Don't keep the first thing you see, You have the opportunity to visit several websites to see which option is more affordable. If you do not find a plan that convinces you on one, it sure catches your attention on that of some other page. Take your time, it will be worth it.

4. Do not check luggage

Remember that it is a weekend getaway. Control the mania of putting in your suitcase everything you find in your path, especially if you travel to a country with a different climate or in intermediate seasons.

In a weekend getaway you will spend most of your time on the street and the few days of travel will barely leave you room to wear what you took too much. Take only one handbag with you and save the billing money.

5. Do not spend on transportation, walk

One way to save is to walk to those places you want to visit as long as possible. Find out about public transportation routes, which is much cheaper than renting a car or using taxis.

Prague - Milosz Aniol

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, do not get tired and live the experience of merging with the walking environment. You can take advantage of the time walking through those places of interest or through the streets of that gastronomic neighborhood or through huge parks. Walking is free and also very healthy.

"Walking on land and communicating with various people makes men discreet."

-Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra-

6. Get a City Pass

A City Pass is one of the best ways to discover a city in a short time and at a stroke of discount.

With a presence in most cities of the world, These cards They include numerous offers and discounts on purchases and tickets. Keep in mind that they are designed to enjoy short breaks, a weekend or a little more.

There are the simplest and others more focused on luxury tourism, so Choose the modality that best suits your savings plan and get ready to enjoy.

7. Make a single meal

One way to save is to combine breakfast and lunch in one meal. It is brunch, an increasingly rising modality in the main cities of the world. Take the morning to eat well and in quantity.

Radu Bercan / Shutterstock.com

But, if you choose hotel with breakfast included, try to eat enough and even take snacks or sandwiches to take in a central park or on the way to that museum.

8. Use discount coupons

In recent times, online shopping is a rising trend, it is a very convenient way to get the best purchases. Many companies use discount coupons to attract customers, take advantage of them.

You can use the coupons at your destination or to purchase the provisions of your weekend getaway. You choose.

As you see, it is possible to enjoy a fantastic getaway without having to worry too much about the budget. Put these tips into practice and account.

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