8 ideas for picnicking in Spain

To escape the routine and stress of daily life it is not necessary to take a flight thousands of kilometers to rest. In Spain you can spend a day of rest and relaxation enjoying a picnic in the city or very close to it.

Picnic in the capital

A big city like Madrid also offers great places to spend a day outdoors. There are many possibilities, we show you only two:

Debod Temple

Debod Temple, Madrid - NaughtyNut

This place It is an authentic Egyptian temple, moved from Egypt and rebuilt stone by stone, even maintaining its original orientation. The temple, with its adjacent park, is located on a hill in the center of Madrid, next to the emblematic Plaza de España.

Fifth Los Molinos

Quinta de los Molinos, Madrid - Kus Cámara / Flickr.com

Quinta Los Molinos Park has an area of ​​21.5 hectares and it is located next to the Suanzes metro station. It is one of those places in Madrid unknown to tourists, but also to those who reside in the capital.

The best way to enjoy it is in spring, when it is more beautiful. A few weeks in which the cherry and almond trees bloom, the grass is greener than ever and the walks between oddly shaped trunks are wonderful. It is the ideal place to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of the capital enjoying the food and drink that you like the most.

Picnic by the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean breeze can be a great companion for a picnic day Do you want ideas? Here are some.

Migdia viewpoint, Barcelona

Migdía Viewpoint, Barcelona - Leonora Enking / Flickr.com

The Mirador del Migdia park is an oasis of peace among the noise of the city. It is located on the south face of the mountain of Montjuïc.

From it you can enjoy spectacular views, since you will have Barcelona at your feet. It has a picnic area with tables and benches, but it is much better to look for a little crowded place, plant the tablecloth and enjoy a quiet moment in good company.

«Now I know the secret of making the best person: grow under the open air and eat and sleep with the earth.»

-Walt Whitman-

Fountains of the Algar, Alicante

Fuentes del Algar, Alicante - Ana del Castillo

Fuentes de Algar Park is not located in any urban area, although it is close and therefore worth a visit.Here we can find waterfalls andwater pools where to bathe, In addition to numerous places to prepare our picnic.

We have in the same area the DinoPark Algar, an educational park with dinosaur reproductions which has a didactic route and area also enabled to eat our picnic.

Paloma Park of Benalmádena Costa, Málaga

Paloma Park, Malaga - Quintanilla

This park is considered one of the children's favorites, since during the walk you will see peacocks, turtles, rabbits and even emus. In addition to numerous walking and appetite trails, the little ones will have a great time in any of the two swing areas.

At lunchtime you just have to extend your tablecloth in one of the mounds from where, in addition, you can see the Benalmadena mountain range or the cable car. A wonderful view to enjoy a great meal. Of course, it is advisable to bring a portable refrigerator.

Picnic in the north

Also in the north there are places to go for a picnic. Although in this area you will have to be somewhat more aware of the weather forecasts.

Etxebarria Park, Bilbao

Bilbao - Matyas Rehak

It is the largest park in Bilbao, from it you will enjoy stunning views of the Old Town or the Guggenheim, depending on the place you choose for your picnic.

25 years ago this vegetable lung of the city was occupied by a steel foundry. In addition to its characteristic chimney, factory legacy, it has several sports facilities where you can have fun and play sports.

San Pedro Park, A Coruña

San Pedro Park, A Coruña - Marques

Following the same theme of relaxation and tranquility, we bring you the San Pedro Park. Here you can enjoy privileged views, Well, you have the best of both worlds, sea and mountains.

You can climb in the panoramic elevator, spherical, from where you can see the famous Tower of Hercules. You can also visit the English labyrinth and the canyons that formed the Costa Battery that protected the city years ago.

Cristina Enea Park, San Sebástian

Cristina Enea Park, San Sebastián - mertxe iturrioz / Flickr.com

The city of San Sebastián is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, so we could not stop recommending one of the most lush urban parks in Spain. Cristina Enea Park is a forest full of exotic trees, like the Ginko or the Lebanese Cedar. Animals such as swans and peacocks contribute to giving the place a wild air.

The Musika Parkean organization cyclically organizes picnics and concerts in this park, as well as in others in Donostia. Do not forget to bring some pintxos, so typical of San Sebastián.

You have already seen it. To relax and enjoy a fantastic picnic you don't have to go far, the only indispensable thing is a basket with good food

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