The 7 most beautiful universities in the world

Do you want to know the 7 most beautiful universities in the world? We will bring them to you right now. Maybe you can never go to study in its classrooms full of history and its halls, which seem to come alive at every step, but No one will prevent you from enjoying its greatness and beauty.

1. Trinity College, Ireland

Trinity College, Ireland - VanderWolf Images

First, let's start our trip by visiting one of the most beautiful universities in the world. We talked about Trinity College, located in the capital of Ireland, in Dublin.

Trinity College consists of a truly spectacular facade. In addition, the green and landscaped areas give the whole a fantastic vision.

And if that were not enough, the library is of an unusual beauty, with its really pretty aisles and shelves. To this we must add that the works stored there are a true jewel of the history of mankind, with volumes more than a thousand years old.

2. University of Cape Town, South Africa

University of Cape Town, South Africa - michaeljung

It may be that many call attention to an African institution being included in this list. But nevertheless, the University of Cape Town is truly beautiful both outside and for its historical significance.

We introduce this institution into the most beautiful universities in the world because, despite starting as a college for white children, little by little it became an example of the fight against apartheid and racism, admitting young blacks already in 1920.

«Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge.»

-Albert Einstein-

3. Oxford, United Kingdom

Oxford University, Great Britain - atiger

We go now with a classic that can not be missing in any of the lists of the most beautiful universities in the world. Who has not heard of Oxford, one of the most reputable and elegant institutions in the United Kingdom and of the whole planet?

Some of the world's most celebrated and renowned thinkers have emerged from the Oxford classrooms. In addition, its buildings, which include more than 40 faculties, museums, theaters and even a church, are of an elegance and beauty unique in the world.

4. University of Salamanca, Spain

University of Salamanca, Spain - vlas2000

We travel now to our country in search of the most beautiful universities in the world to stop our steps in an old institution that is still known today for its reputation and elegance, the University of Salamanca.

The University of Salamanca Not only is it the oldest in all of Spain, but it is still in any ranking of the most beautiful on the planet. The ornate facade with representations of dozens of classic characters is truly spectacular. And to that we must add the legendary frog that, if located by a student, will pass any exam.

5. Cambridge, United Kingdom

University of Cambridge, Great Britain - Konstanttin

We return to the United Kingdom in our search for the most beautiful universities in the world to reach another one of the most famous and recognized institutions in the entire planet, Cambrigde.

Cambridge's prestige rivals that of Oxford, and it is not surprising, since students and academics fled from the latter to establish the first there by the early thirteenth century. However, the beauty of its buildings and surrounding areas have nothing to envy.

6. Moscow State University, Russia

Moscow State University, Russia - Valeri Potapova

We now move to cold Russia to stop in front of the Moscow State University. Definitely, It is one of the most peculiar places on the planet. Let's see why.

Although this university dates from the mid-eighteenth century, the constant Russian wars and revolts made the institution grow until it became the mastodon it is today. It has more than a thousand buildings, including 8 residences and tens of kilometers in corridors.

7. Yale University, United States

Yale University, United States - Pete Spiro

We finished our tour of the most beautiful universities in the world approaching the United States. There we find another of the most famous and prestigious institutions on the planet, Yale.

Yale University dates from the beginning of the 18th century and draws attention for its typical construction of the period in North American territory, based on red brick. The Gothic style contrasts with other buildings destined for the brotherhoods,raised in Egyptian arts and even colonial.

These are, in our view, the 7 most beautiful universities in the world. Would you dare to study in any of them? Of course, nothing like learning while enjoying the most beautiful and spectacular architecture.

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