Tips to enjoy a city while passing through

Enjoying a city to the fullest even when only passing through is possible. You just have to know how to do it to squeeze every inch and enjoy all the attractions you can, even if you are few hours away.

1. To enjoy a city to the fullest you have to select

If you are going to be a few hours in a city, It is better to select what you want to see and what places you want to go. So, decide before arriving at the site and create your route which, even if it is short, is sure to be intense.

"Can not remember the days, the moments are remembered."

-Cesare Pavese-

2. Make quick decisions

If you want to enjoy a city to the fullest, even if you're just passing through, you don't have a second to lose. Therefore, you must make quick decisions and completely forget about doubts. If you have the slightest insecurity you will be spending valuable time that you will miss when you have to leave.

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3. To enjoy a city to the fullest is to let yourself be guided

Of course, if you are little time in a city it is difficult to find the most beautiful and attractive corners of the place. But nevertheless, if you go with a tour guide or a person who knows the area you can discover exciting spaces and wonderful that all populations have.

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4. Eat where you see people ...

... But don't be tourists. That is if you see native people, from the city or the neighborhood, eating in a bar, take the opportunity to enter, because surely there is good food and gastronomy typical of the area. There is no better way to know a place than through the stomach. In addition, you can meet people from the place to ask after where to go on your intense visit.

5. Eat out

Another option to enjoy a city to the fullest is to eat outside, but not in a bar, bar or restaurant. Whether you bring your own food or buy it somewhere, you can approach an attractive park or plaza and eat in a bank or on the grass. This way you will soak up the atmosphere and the area and save.

6. Search the markets

Another good option to enjoy a city to the fullest without much time is approaching the markets. Bustling places to meet people, buy typical products of the area, discover the atmosphere of the site and interact with the population as if it were a living entity. There is no better way to enjoy.

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7. Be a forecaster and get to the point

It is possible that the only thing that interests you about a city is a particular place. That is, you are going for a specific museum or a particular event.

Then, The best thing you can do is get to the point whenever you have been a forecaster previously. That is, it may be possible to get to the place to find that it is closed or there are no tickets, for example, and you will not be able to return the next day because you are passing through.

So, if you want to enjoy a specific place while you are passing through a city, inform yourself well previously to avoid misunderstandings and last minute problems That can put you in a bad mood.

8. Go to the neighborhoods

Neighborhoods often move large numbers of people. That's where you see the true atmosphere and the real heart of the cities. Places like Notthing Hill in London or the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona have a lot of charm. So if you want to enjoy a specific space while you are passing through, nothing like approaching the corners that have great personality and uniqueness.

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9. Get on a tourist bus

To enjoy a city to the fullest while you are passing through andIf you are one of those who want to see everything, getting on a tourist bus is a good idea. From the vehicle they will show you all the typical places of the area and will even give you the necessary explanations to taste a good, beautiful and cheap monumental menu.

As you can see, You don't have to spend several days to enjoy a city to the fullest. There are lots of options to discover corners and take advantage of every minute you spend hanging around its streets if you are passing through. You just have to feel like it and energies to let yourself be imbued with the greatness of the place.

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