7 beaches in the world where you will find sharks

The beaches are usually turquoise paradises with fine white sands. We all love beaches, but some can be really dangerous. Before planning your trip, know the coastal areas where you will find sharks.

1. Smyrna Beach in Florida

Florida, USA - Jon Bilous

The largest number of sharks in the world is recorded on this beach, there are at least 40 species of sharks, although the most seen are the gray sharks, the hammerhead, the tiger and the bull, which has made it accumulate more than a dozen annual incidents.

The National Geographic states that anyone who has swum on that beach has been less than 3 meters from a shark, so before diving into those beautiful beaches of Atlantic waters you must think twice.

2. Point St. Johns Beach in South Africa

With more than 200 attacks in recent years, South Africa is one of the most famous countries for shark attacks, Point St. Johns beach is where more white shark and bull shark appear.

Care must be taken with the charm of this beach with crystal clear water and white sand, a luxury to enjoy the picturesque islands of St. Johns but that It was closed in 2012 after the sixth deadly shark attack in the last five years.

"Sharks are beautiful animals, and if you're lucky enough to see a lot of them, that means you're in a healthy ocean."

-Sylvia Earle-

3. Brisbane in Australia

The Australian coasts are full of sharks of all kinds, but most attacks occur on the east coast, in the coldest waters of the south, home of walruses and white giants.

There are stories of shark attacks on beaches such as Adelaide, Sydney and even Perth, on the west coast. But nevertheless, no beach is absolutely safe, in addition to large sharks you can also find snakes and jellyfish poisonous. There are statistics that indicate that more than 60 people have died on these beaches from attacks of sharks.

4. Maui in Hawaii

Maui Beach, Hawaii - TomKli

Hawaii is a paradise of beaches without comparison, but the reality is that more than 100 shark attacks have been recorded in the last century, of which more than 30 have been in Maui.

Hawaii has around 40 different species of sharks, including the occasionally aggressive tiger sharks, therefore it is not surprising that fatal incidents occur. That is why places like the aforementioned Maui or the neighboring island of Oahu become places as lush and beautiful as lethal.

5. Shark Alley in Gansbaai in South Africa

Shark Alley, South Africa - Pete Niesen

Shark Alley is a narrow channel between two small islands off the coast of Gansbaai, in these waters inhabits the densest population of great white sharks in the world.

In Shark Alley there is a charming fishing village and it is a holiday destination that is east of Cape Town. If you want to dive into a cage to contemplate large sharks, this is the ideal place to do it.

6. Bolinas Beach, Northern California

California, USA - Sergey Yechikov

This little enclave, just north of San Francisco, is located in the "red triangle", an area marked by the high density of giant white sharks.

On this beach there is a large population of elephants and sea lions, food of white sharks, who, at lunchtime, do not discern between a sea lion and a surfer.

7. Kosi Bay in South Africa

Kosi Bay is located in KwaZulu Natal, a dramatically beautiful and unspoiled corner of South African paradise. Kosi Bay is a set of four lakes that connect with the waters of the Indian Ocean where birds, crocodiles and species of all kinds abound.

Bull sharks are famous for walks in lakes and freshwater rivers in search of food, especially in the fish-rich waters of Kosi Bay.

The beauty of these beaches can deceive and enclose dangers that some do not expect. If you travel to any of them, you know, be very careful.

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