8 tips to overcome the fear of flying

Although the plane is the safest transport in the world, flying has always been one of the things that causes most fear in people.Statistics indicate that 1 in 4 people suffer fear to fly, which does not allow to have a pleasant experience when traveling.

When we fly, what causes us fear is not the plane, but what we think when we get on one, that is what causes us anxiety episodes. But not all is lost,you can overcome the fear of flying with will and effort. We bring you some tips to fasten your belt and overcome your fear of flying.

1. Recognize your fear

The first step is to recognize your fear of flying and check if it's just alarming thoughts and without any sense.

If it is something more serious it is recommended to be treated at a psychological level with behavioral treatment or with relaxation techniques in order to control anxiety and anguish. Measures especially indicated when suffering from aerophobia, which is the fear of flying, or acrophobia, which is the fear of heights.

"Fear is natural in the prudent, and knowing how to overcome it is to be brave."

-Also de Ercilla y Zúñiga-

2. Do not travel in the window seat

When you buy your ticket request a place in the hall.If you sit at the window your curiosity will win the game, at some point you will look out the window and the height can cause you a lot of anxiety and paranoia.

Views of Madrid - Valentin Valkov

3. Look at the attitude of the crew

Forever the hostesses and the rest of the flight staff have a calm and friendly posture, which tells you that things on your flight are fine. Take this as a reference to relax and enjoy your flight.

Further, entertain yourself with the crew, magazines, cosmetics and snacks, will divert you from anguish that you may be feeling

4. If there is turbulence keep calm

Before flying, do some research on turbulence, why they occur and how they can affect your flight, it is well known that turbulence can affect your comfort but not the safety of the plane.

In addition the airplanes are designed for very hostile weather conditions, that's why Turbulence does not represent any danger.

Airplane in flight - Andrey Armyagov

When you go through a turbulence just close your eyes and keep calm, relax and take a deep breath, cheer up thinking that the turbulence lasts very little. One of the things you can do is talk with your seatmate, that will distract you from your fear.

5. Think that the plane is the safest transport in the world

The probability of a plane falling is 1 in 1.4 million, so the probability that it will happen to the plane where you are traveling is very remote. You are more likely to have a car accident or to play the lottery. With that small percentage, what you have left is to be positive.

6. Bring entertainment on your flight

Being entertained seems to be the key to overcoming your fear of flying so It is advisable to take hobbies that help you to be distracted:Upload your favorite music, your iPad, mobile games, magazines, books, sudoku or the tour guide of your next destination.

Before takeoff - egd

7. Dress comfortable and do not overeat

Plan all aspects of your flight, don't wear anything that is uncomfortable for you, as well as tight clothes or heels. Also watch what you eat before boarding, try not to eat anything heavy that will cause you discomfort and even health problems.

8. If you want to overcome your fear of flying do not see or read about aerial catastrophes

It is always attractive and exciting to read or watch programs about air disasters, but you have to realize that you may see them to justify your fears.See air disaster programsit will not help you at all to have a better flightneither movies like The flightUnited 93.

This information will only make your panic greater and it will be harder for you to overcome your fear of flying, since while you are flying only the images of the film and the information that you could absorb will come to mind.

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