Culebra, the ideal place for a vacation in the Caribbean

Discover Culebra, the ideal place for a vacation in the Caribbean and a paradise island that is located in the archipelago of Puerto Rico. In short, a wonderful place to enjoy the most fantastic fun days of your life.

What is Culebra?

Culebra is a small island that is located within the Caribbean Sea, belonging to the archipelago of Puerto Rico, from which a few kilometers away.

It is an almost tiny environment, with an area that barely exceeds 30 kilometers and whose capital is the population known as Devey.

The inhabitants of Culebra are known as Culebrenses. Currently, there are not two thousand people who live on their land. Further, The island is also popular in its surroundings with the names of the Last Virgin or Chiquita Island, so you should not be surprised when you are in the area if you hear those appellations for the place.

Bay in Isla Culebra - Luis Alveart /

Of course, Culebra is world famous for its white sand beaches and extreme tranquility. Its places are natural and beautiful and it is the ideal area for many tourists to spend some incredible days sunbathing and enjoying the Caribbean.

Culebra history

The Taino Indians originally lived on the island of Culebra. The first European to reach its waters was the famous Christopher Columbus, which in 1493 took it under the command of the Crown of Aragon and Castile.

He did not have his first democratic government until 1960, since it had previously been the residence of pirates, although it also served as a refuge for historians. Until 1917 he did not achieve the international declaration of independent municipality.

Culebra beaches

Culebra is famous internationally for its beautiful beaches. With just 30 kilometers of surface, The coasts of this island are considered the most beautiful in the entire Caribbean Sea. And if this were not enough, there are about 20 islets and cays around that give the whole a wonderful natural vision capable of shrinking the soul.

The coasts of Culebra are rugged, full of cliffs and elevations. But nevertheless, highlights coral places like Flamenco Beach, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. An area full of wildlife, which maintains a completely natural environment so that you can enjoy its white sand and the native wonders of the island.

Flamenco Beach in Culebra - Angela Rutherford /

At present, the island of Culebra is declared a Nature Reserve, given that it is an area where a good number of plant and wild animals live in the mangroves and crystal clear waters. Waters that attract visitors' attention for their transparency, which reveals the most beautiful coral seabed in the entire Caribbean Sea.

Further, the white sand and the little waves make these areas idyllic to glimpse the night and starry sky in a romantic environment like no other.

"Look twice to see what's fair. Do not look more than once to see the beautiful. »

-Henry F. Amiel-

Wildlife in Culebra

If you like wildlife and spectacular natural environments, Culebra is your destination. In the white sands of its beaches dozens of sea turtles nest each year that leave their suckers there to perpetuate the species.

Also, if you visit Culebra in the summer or spring seasons, you can glimpse hundreds of species of migratory birds They also use this small island as a resting area because of the good weather and tranquility of the area.

Spend a few days in Culebra

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico - Hmalaret /

It is not easy to find a house in Culebra. The island is small and sparsely populated. In addition, since it has become a very attractive tourist destination, prices are high.

But nevertheless, you can choose the big island of Puerto Rico, located a few kilometers away, and escape to this paradisiacal environment by boat or catamaran and spend the day on its spectacular coasts such as Flamenco Beach.

So don't think about it anymore, take your suitcase, look for a good flight and throw yourself into adventure in one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea and the world, snake.

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