7 Mediterranean islands unknown to tourists

The Mediterranean Sea gives us beautiful paradisiacal islands with an incredible nature, so when we visit them we don't want to leave or we want to return very soon.

But the Mediterranean gives us even more, existislands unknown with fine sands and turquoise, temperate and crystalline waters That you won't want to miss Here we show you the 7 most unknown Mediterranean islands, so you can include them in your future destinations.

1. Lampedusa, Italy

Lampedusa, Italy - Dorli Photography / Flickr.com

Lampedusa is an island located between Malta and Tunisia, in the Las Pelagias archipelago, 205 km south of Sicily. It is arid and rocky, although it has some coves with crystalline waters.

Although Lampedusa is well known for immigration issues because of its proximity to the African continent, can provide you with beautiful beaches of White sands, clear waters and an excellent environment for diving.

In summer, Italian low-cost airlines have direct flights from several cities in the country, as well as ferry service from Sicily.

2. Cabrera, Spain

Cabrera, Spain - zhelen / Flickr.com

Cabrera is the most unknown of the Balearic IslandsIt is located in the south of Mallorca and its name is due to the numerous mountain goats that grazed on it.

Although it was declared a National Maritime and Terrestrial Park in 1991, it is not very popular as a destination in travel guides. Being unknown and not having been a victim of mass tourism, Cabrera can boast the few changes that have occurred over time on its coastline.

This pearl of the MediterraneanIt has a medieval castle, wild beaches, ideal waters for diving and cliffs with caves. You can reach it by boat from Mallorca.

3. Sanguinary Islands, France

Sanguinaria Islands, France - JeanbaptisteM / Flickr.com

The Sanguinary Islands They are four islets located on the western coast of the French island of Corsica and they are located about 6 kilometers south of Ajaccio.

Its name is due to the spectacular effect produced by its sunsets, where the rays reflect an intense red on the rocks.

It has abundant presence of birds and endemic plants. You can take a boat trip or go scuba diving in a fund with great marine wealth. You can also travel on foot or by bus.

«The Mediterranean are usually gentle seas, easily navigable, dotted with islands and abundant in scalloped coasts with coves and natural harbors.»


4. Khrysí, Greece

Khrysí Island, Greece - Paul / commons.wikimedia.org

Khrysí, Chrissi or also called Gaiduronisi, is located in southern Crete, It is an uninhabited and protected island which is seven kilometers long and two kilometers wide.

The protection of this area has allowed to conserve its waters and the coast, reason why It has white sand beaches and crystal clear waters and, as icing on the cake, a nudist beach.

To reach this destination you have to take a ferry in the port of Lerapetra (Crete). Visitors arrive in Khrysí po in the morning and must leave at the end of the day by boat.

5. Medes Islands, Spain

Medes Islands, Spain - FRANCIS RAHER / Flickr.com

The archipelago of The Medas Islands is part of the Montgrí Natural Park. There are seven islets with an approximate area of ​​23 hectares.

In addition to being one of the best destinations for scuba diving, It is one of the most important marine flora and fauna reserves in the western Mediterranean.

There are companies that offer glass-bottomed boat trips to enjoy the wonderful marine fauna of the region.

6. Alicudi, Italy

Alicudi, Italy - Thilo Hilberer / Flickr.com

Alicudi is a volcanic island in the Aeolian archipelago, located between the northern coast of Sicily and the mainland boot.

Alicudi is seen from above like a volcano of about 675 meters, which has a moon-shaped crater.

It has no electricity or cars, the only way to move is by means of the donkey-taxi, there are no paved streets or banks.With an almost non-existent tourist infrastructure, you can reach on foot or by donkey any of the six small towns that are in the place.

7. Ile Piana, France

Ile Piana, Italy - Anne Sarthou / Flickr.com

Ile Piana is a natural site in the archipelago of Lavezzi, south of Corsica and less than ten kilometers by road from Bonifacio, about 300 meters from the coast and near the Sperone point and the Sperone Golf Course.

The beaches are beautiful and the sea is transparent, of a clear and clean blue. Pleasure boats can be seen between the coast of Corsica and Piana Island throughout the summer.

Have you taken note? Are seven paradisiacal places in Mediterranean waters, beautiful, calm and very unknown.

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