5 amazing places that actually exist

Our planet is full of incredible places that seem taken from a painting or a fiction movie. Places that adorn every corner of our world, making it something unique, special and unrepeatable.

We invite you to know some of the most incredible places on our planet that, although they seem to lie, they do exist. Let yourself be surprised and captivated by the most impressive landscapes, both natural and man-made. Do you dare to take this tour?

Amazing places, reality or fantasy?

Leshan's Great Buddha

This impressive stone statue sculpted by man is the largest in his style. It was built during the Tang dynasty and today is one of the largest points of influx of tourists visiting China.

Leshan Buddha, China - Min Zhou / Flickr.com

The Great Buddha of Leshan is carved on a cliff that lies between the confluences of three important rivers: Min Jiang, Dadu and Qingyi. The impressive work that represents a Maitreya Buddha is 71 meters high. On the other hand, one of the widest points of this statue, its shoulders, is 28 meters wide.

Both the Great Buddha of Leshan and the beautiful landscape of Mount Emei they were included by Unesco as World Heritage Sites.

The crater of Darvaza

The crater or well of Darvaza is known worldwide as "the door of hell." Looking at the photographs we can realize why this nickname.

Davrza Crater, Turkmenistan - Tormod Sandtorv / Flickr.com

This crater measures almost 70 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep. Inside there is a temperature of 400 ° C.

The crater arose as a result of an accident in the 60s, when a group of geologists discovered a natural gas cave in the place. The prospecting of the cave caused a huge crater to open, swallowing the shops of the explorers.

In the 80s the crater of Darvaza began to burnIt is not known if the fire started naturally or was caused. The truth is that since then it continues to burn without stopping, so this well is known as "the door of hell".

"It produces immense sadness to think that nature speaks while the human race does not listen."

-Víctot Hugo-

Amazing places and memorable trips

Ice cave

This ice cave built by man and located in Iceland, is the largest in its style. A cave that extends 500 meters below the second largest glacier in all of Europe, the Vatnajokull, in Iceland.

Vatnajokull Glacier, Iceland - David Phan / Flickr.com

This impressive cave has already become one of the main tourist attractions in the country and it is not for less, since during the whole tour you can observe the glacier from the inside. An experience that without a doubt is unique and unrepeatable.

The Tunnel of Love

If what you are looking for for your next trip is a touch of romanticism, the Tunnel of Love located in Ukraine should be your next stop. This beautiful tunnel it is the result of the perfect combination between nature and the railroad tracks of Klevan.

Tunnel of love, Ukraine -DmytroChapman / commons.wikimedia.org

The Tunnel of Love is a railway section, through which materials were transported three times a day to an important wood processing plant. Around the tracks, nature has made its way and has naturally created this beautiful and romantic tunnel, which many couples and photographers attend daily.

The submerged city of Shicheng

As if it were Atlantis, the submerged city of Shicheng is one of those places that challenges the imagination. East of China, ancient cities hide in the lake of the Thousand Islands which were part of the counties of Chun'an and Sui'an.

Lake of the Thousand Islands, China - ZHart / en.wikipedia.org

In 1957 the Chinese government decided to submerge these cities for the construction of a hydroelectric plant that would supply large metropolises such as Shanghai and Hangzhóu. Today the lake no longer produces energy for these cities and has only been a spectacular tourist attraction.

Numerous divers come regularly to explore the ruins and ghosts that roam the ancient streets today submerged underwater. A unique experience that you will definitely love.

These places challenge the imagination and senses of the most experienced travelers. To know them is to have one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Which of these amazing places would you like to meet first?

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