Venice and its replicas in the USA and China

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its evocative gondolas on the canals and a majestic architecture make it one of the most visited romantic destinations in the world. It is a dream city that every couple in love wants to visit or where they want to spend their honeymoon.

But Venice is not just for lovers, it is the perfect destination for anyone who loves life and likes to visit extraordinary destinations. For that reason The United States and China have wanted to replicate it, in an attempt to attract the fans of Venice and also enjoy the attractions of their cities.

It is up to you to visit them and discover if these reproductions provide the same sensations as the old city. Here we tell you all about the replicas of Venice.

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, USA

Channels at The Venetian Hotel. La Vegas - telwink /

This is one of the most famous replicas that Venice has. Located in Las Vegas, The Venetian Hotel is a luxurious 5-diamond hotel and casino,with spacious rooms, 19 international restaurants, a modern casino and a terrace with a pool of more than two hectares.

The picturesque Italian architecture inspired its construction.In this hotel we tried to reproduce the city of Venice with its bridges, canals and houses built on water.

It has many activities that can make you evoke Venice. The main one?gondola rides through the canals inside the hotel, with gondoliers who liven up the evening while passing the Rialto bridge.

Rialto Bridge at The Venetian Hotel - Antony Pranata /

While you enjoy the ride, can you imagine that you are in Venice, although unlike the true Italian city, here you can only see water and canals in this imposing complex.

After relaxing with a fantastic gondola ride you can continue enjoying in this huge hotel. Here is a great variety of international restaurantsFor all tastes and budgets; more than 80 stores, some located in a reproduction of the most famous square in Venice, St. Mark's Square; and also a Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds.

The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas - Braden /

As a bonus, this place offers you in addition to the atmosphere framed in the Italian city, all the fun of the "city of sin". You can continue the fun in one of the luxurious casinos from Las Vegas and enjoy an extensive program of shows.

The Venetian Macao Hotel in China

The Venetian Macao - ken wilson lee /

Another of the most spectacular replicas of Venice is The Venetian Macao Hotel, in China. No wonder, it is well known that China is able to reproduce almost everything and the Italian city is no exception.

This Hotel It has an area of ​​more than one million square meters. It houses three channels of about 150 meters in length, 51 Italian gondolas with their respective gondoliers, a replica of the Rialto bridge 48 meters high, more than 350 select shops and about 20 fancy restaurants.

Bridge in The Venetian Macao - Christian Junker /

As you can see this hotel is a total luxury. Enjoying the traditional Venetian gondola rides and navigating the canals you will have as a company the ostentatious surroundings. A walk thatyou can alternateshopping for streets that have the architecture of the beautiful Italian city in stores that are not for small budgets.

Channels on The Venetian Macao -

Outside the hotel you can find artificial landscapes that emulate emblematic places of Venice, such as St. Mark's Square or Doge Palace. You can also enjoy representations of tropical oases, gardens, wave pools, cobbled walkways, arched bridges, all linked by a large river.

Among other thingsyou can contemplate the clock in San Marcos square from the sumptuous facilities of the hotel and, if you feel like playing in the casinos of The Venetian Macao, you will be surrounded by Italian paintings and the masterful representative architecture of Venice.

If you are visiting these places you can be amazed with these beautiful replicas of Venice, full of luxury and comfort for its visitors.

"Some argue that the word Venetia means Veni Etiam, that is, come back again and again because, no matter how many times you come, you will always see new things and new beauties."

-Jacopo D'Antonio Sansovino-

But if you know Venice and you are fascinated by this city, definitely These reproductions will fall short. There are aspects and details that are impossible to copy and the history, light and magic of Venice are unique.

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