8 curiosities about Panama that you want to know

Panama is a tropical paradise that serves as a door between the Atlantic and the PacificThis is why it is a very popular destination among travelers.

This country has everything for its visitors: a very modern city, beautiful beaches and virgin forests. You can plan your vacation, shop and enjoy many fun activities that will make you want to return very soon.

Panama is especially known for its free zone, called the Colon Free Zone, where there is a total exemption from the Income Tax, and for its well-known Panama Canal. But also there are many curiosities that we are sure you do not know. Here we bring you a list of the 8 curiosities about Panama.

1. The sunrise over one ocean and the sunset over another

San Blas Island, Panama - Alexander Schimmeck / Flickr.com

Panama is located in the Central American isthmus, has the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. Due to its curvature it is the only country in the world where You can watch the sun at sunrise over the Pacific Ocean and at sunset you see it over the Atlantic Ocean.

"My homeland is an isthmus, bridge between two seas."

-Hersilia Ramos de Argote-

2. The famous Panama hat is not from Panama

The popular Panama hat is not native to Panama, but to Ecuador! These traditional brimmed hats made of toquilla straw, arrived in Panama from Ecuador by ships to be distributed throughout the world.

It was given the name "Panama hat" for the place where they were marketed and not for their place of origin.

3. A jungle within the city

Panamanian jungle - F Delventhal / Flickr.com

Panama is the only country in the world where The rainforest is located 10 minutes from the modern capital. In addition there are about 30% of the national territory that is covered by different types of natural reserves.

In view of how close to the city, there is easy access to national parks, some of rain forests where you can appreciate a great variety of flora and fauna. Many of these parks have been declared a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Landscapes.

4. The largest free zone in America

The famous Colon Free Zone is located a few kilometers from the Panama Canal, in the Caribbean sector of the province of Colón. Few people visiting this hectic shopping area know they are in the largest free zone in America and the second largest in the world.

In the Colon Free Zone, warehouses, port and traffic systems are constantly being built and modernized for any type of merchandise, so always remains at the forefront of modern technology and ready to offer visitors the best services.

5. Panama offers you free medical insurance for 30 days

Panama offers tourists free medical insurance for 30 days. You only have to present your passport at the medical center and you can receive medical attention in case of an emergency.

Be sure covers among other things, hospitalization and medical expenses caused by accidents and dental emergencies, among others. However, it does not cover injuries caused by alcohol or drug related negligence.

6. Skyscrapers everywhere

Skyscrapers, Panama - wgomes / Pixabai.com

The economic and social growth of Panama has resulted in the construction of a considerable amount of modern buildings on the shore of the bay. An incredible landscape that you can appreciate in all its splendor from the old town, on the other side of the bay or from one of the hills of the Metropolitan Park.

7. The golden frog

The golden frog of Panama It is a small and striking endemic frog in the country. It is beautiful and bright colors ... but be careful, do not get carried away because they are poisonous.

Panama golden frog - freeikon / Pixabai.com

This animal currently is in danger of extinction and it is so distinctive of the area that its image is used as a cultural symbol of the country with which good luck is represented.

They were venerated by indigenous pre-Columbian peoples So you can find images of this frog made by hand, in gold and in clay talismans.

8. Panama has more birds than the United States and Canada together

Panama has an incredible variety of birds, to be such a small country has 976 bird species, which exceeds the number of birds in the United States and Canada together. This is because Panama is located between North and South America.

The diversity and quantity of birds is favored by the fact that Panama is a route of passage for many migratory species and its coasts house Atlantic and Pacific seabirds.

You know a little more about this beautiful country. Panama is not only the channel and the Colon Free Zone, there are many beauties to discover and many things to do Enjoy Panama!

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