6 secrets of Rome that only its inhabitants know

Rome is endless. If you have visited it, you already know it, there is always something new to see. As many times as we visit it, on each occasion they are discovered new corners full of beauty, history and legend. The three adjectives that describe Rome.

We propose several “secret” places of the Eternal City that only appear in the broadest guides, those that are uncomfortable in the suitcase. Six places not well known, but of enormous attraction.

In fact, Any of them, if they were in another city in the world, would be their main tourist attraction. Instead, in Rome they can go unnoticed.

Two impressive churches of Rome

Saint Louis of the French

Church of San Luis de los Franceses - maros / commons.wikimedia.org

It is located in one of the tourist hearts of Rome, between Piazza Navona and the Pantheon of Agrippa. Visiting it is a delight for art lovers, that in many occasions they cannot savor with tranquility the enormous Roman patrimony.

Instead, here you can contemplate without effort three masterpieces of Caravaggio. Three canvases that present three passages of the life of San Mateo with the usual chiaroscuros of this genius of the Baroque. Are The vocation, The inspiration Y Martyrdom.

Church of St. Louis of the French - Holly Hayes / Flickr

San Pedro in Vincoli

The temple itself already has its value, being a early Christian basilica built in the 5th century to keep the chains with which he seized San Pedro.

But if you enter, you will find one of the most famous sculptures in history, and yet the vast majority of travelers do not see in person. Is the Moses by Michelangelo. Yes, that marble to which the artist himself struck a hammer to ask him to speak.

Moises by Michelangelo - LoggaWiggler / Pixabai.com

Statues that speak in Rome

Everyone knows that Moses I do not speak. But in Rome there are talking sculptures. In fact, in the routes through the secret Rome there is a route called "Statues that speak".

The most famous is the "Pasquino", between Corso Vittorio and Piazza Navona. But there is more: the "Baboon", very close to the Piazza del Popolo; Madame Lucrezia, neighbor to the Basilica of San Marco; or the "Facchino", in Via del Corso.

Baboon statue - vvoe

Visit them and wait for them to tell you something. They let you down and keep silent, but the route that unites them is worth it because It is an itinerary through one of the most monumental areas of Rome.

«Rome is like a book of fables, on each page you find a prodigy».

-Hans Christian Andersen-

Via Appia Antica

In origin It was the first road of the Republic of Rome and linked the capital with Brindisi, south of the peninsula.

Via Appia Antica in Rome - LisArt / Flickr.com

The Via Appia Antica had more than 500 kilometers, but here we are only interested in those closest to the capital. To discover them it is best to approach the Baths of Caracalla, right there begins the Via Appia Antica.

In addition to its historical value, you will discover a haven of peace and vegetation in the city. An ideal place to discover walking or pedaling while numerous archaeological remains and large villas are appreciated.

The San Lorenzo neighborhood

However, not everything in Rome has to be art and history. If you search a little fun at affordable prices you have to go to the San Lorenzo neighborhood. The pocket will thank you comparing the ones here with other more famous cafes and bars in the city.

San Lorenzo Square, Rome - Jerome Naselli / Flickr.com

In fact It is the most alternative neighborhood of the capital. Students abound, both Italian and foreign, which already gives an idea about their prices. It is a good place to go for drinks and take them both on terraces and bars and on the same street, especially as the night progresses.

The Porta Portese Market

And more economic places. This market is a kind of trail that can occupy a sunny Sunday morning.

If you are looking for a very peculiar souvenir it is the ideal place to find it. Old things, curious and a bit of everything. In fact, here the main clients are not tourists, but the Romans, great experts in bargaining.

The Sanctuary of the Cats

In Rome there are hundreds of thousands of stray cats. Each cat looks for life as it can, and almost in any field, street or monument you will discover them hidden.

Largo di Torre Argentina -Nicolás Lope de Barrios / FLickr.com

A place where they accumulate is in the Argentina Tower, on the avenue of the same name. It is actually an excavation that the cats occupied in considerable quantities, among other things because the neighbors worried about feeding them.

So, with the passage of time, a kitten shelter attended by volunteers has been built here, which deserves a visit because it tells us about solidarity, coexistence and good vibes.

If you travel to Rome you already know some of its secrets. Wonderful places that tourists often overlook, due to lack of time or, almost always, due to ignorance.

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