3 places in Spain with a lot of magic

In Spain there are magical corners and idyllic landscapes that seem taken from a storybook. Nature plays a fundamental role in the beauty that can be admired in these places.

Romanticism, mystery, admiration or peace are some of the sensations that these places convey exotic and magical of SpainFantasy and surreal places that surpass everything imaginable and that invite visitors to get lost in them.

The corners that we are going to visit resemble a canvasin which the most sublime work of art of nature has been shaped.

1. Las Médulas, Castilla y León

Las Médulas, León - Hornet 18 / Flickr.com

In the Leon region of Bierzo is the natural wonder of Las Médulas, site of great archeological wealth par excellence. A landscape declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

It is characterized by its raised shapes, shaped by the mining exploitation that the Romans began in ancient times and stands out for its reddish and ocher colors. During the time of splendor of the Roman Empire 800,000 kilos of gold were extracted from these mines.

Las Médulas, León - Angel del Amo / Flickr

To understand how the precious metal was extracted there is an archaeological classroom. In her you will be surprised at the impressive engineering work that this mine meant, in which the land was pierced by water currents to obtain gold. Pliny explained in detail the whole process, thus describing the moment in which the land yielded by the force of the water:

«… Broken the mountain falls by itself, with such a great rumble and wind that it cannot be conceived by the human mind…»

Las Médulas has a great extension, but at the entrance of the park there is a visitor center where you can find out about the most interesting points to visit. In it you can see audiovisual material that shows the most prominent rural areas in 360-degree images.

This place, in addition to its impressive landscape, It stands out for being a bird conservation area. The flora also plays a fundamental role, it has leafy oaks, walnuts and overflows whose intense green color alternates sublime with the red of the rock.

2. The Caves of Drach, Mallorca

Caves of Drach, Mallorca - Sónia Fernandes / Flickr.com

These caves are located on the east coast of the island of Mallorca. They offer a magical show to their visitors, who travel by boat through them. Formed by stalactites and stalagmites, the walls of the Drach Caves have pointed shapes. They have great height and a considerable width length.

In the Drach Caves you can enjoy a personalized guide that tells the secrets that inhabit the caves. Further, the tour includes a live classical music concertwhile traveling the caves.

One of the most charming moments occurs when touring Lake Martel, you will enjoy seeing how the blue and turquoise of this are reflected in the stone walls.

3. Park of the Bardenas Reales, Navarra

Desert of Las Bárdenas Reales, Navarra - Rafolas / Flickr.com

This is a place that shows a desert landscape, populated by plateaus, eroded soils and hills with particular shapes., sculpted by the hand of nature.

This strange paradiseit has been the stage of television commercials, movies and music videos. Among the films he has served as the stage are The world is never enough, Pride and passion or Airbag. This place has also inspired painters, sculptors and poets.

Las Bárdenas Reales, Navarra - Miguel Ángel García. / Flickr.com

This park was declared by Unesco as a Biosphere Reserve. A mysterious and enigmatic place divided into three large nature reserves: the Vedado de Eguaras, the Rincon del Bu and the Falls of the Black, which show natural oases, ruins and inhospitable vegetation.

In Las Bárdenas you can enjoy bird observatories, such as the “Pilate's Balcony”.In this place a very beautiful species, the eagle owl, has one of its favorite ecosystems.

If you just want to enjoy the scenery too there are viewpoints from which to contemplate wonderful images. And you can have a great time if you are a lover of cycling or hiking, in fact, some of the routes can only be traveled by bicycle or on foot.

They are three places full of magic and wrapped in the mystery that you must know. They will surprise you.

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