The 10 least visited countries in the world

These countries they have impressive natural landscapes, however this huge tourist potential has been diminished for several reasons. Would you like to know which are the countries with less tourism?

The least visited countries in the world

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a spectacular island country surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sands. Despite its great natural beauty, there are not many tourists who dare to visit them, mainly because of how complicated it is to reach them.

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Only 23,000 tourists annually visit the Solomon Islands, a figure that is particularly shocking because of the paradise of the place. The difficult access to the islands and the lack of a good well-established hotel structure are some of the reasons why they do not receive a large number of visitors.


Gone are the times when European tourists crossed Afghanistan on their way to India. Although Afghanistan is one of the most interesting countries to know at a historical and cultural level, all that potential has been diminished by the terrible war conflicts that have developed in that territory in recent years.


Comoros is a country made up of three islands that are located in southeast Africa. This beautiful territory is also made up of the three main islands by smaller ones, all of a unique natural beauty.

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Despite the great natural beauty of these islands, very few tourists receive annually. Like the Solomon Islands, the difficult access and lack of a hotel structure are the main reasons for this situation.


This country located in the so-called horn of Africa is a destination that very few adventurers dare to go. Wars, extremists and violence in general have reduced the number of tourists visiting the African country, which receives around 500 visitors a year.

Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea may not be the favorite destination of tourists around the world, it only receives 6,000 visitors or less in a whole year. This earthly paradise with lonely beaches and wild nature is the ideal destination if you want to spend a very relaxing holiday.

«Let your adventurous spirit push you to go ahead and discover the world around you with its oddities and wonders. To discover it will be to love it. »

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Less tourists, more fun?

Sao Tome and Principe

This African country is made up of several islands that are in the Gulf of Guinea. This heavenly place boasts of being in the center of the world and is that it is the closest point to latitude and longitude 0º.

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If you are looking for a quiet and beautiful place to spend your vacations, these islands may be your ideal destination, since there is no legion of tourists in every corner. This paradise receives less than 10,000 tourists a year.


This island country of beautiful coral reefs receives a few 1,200 tourists a year. Difficult access is one of the main causes of the low influx of visitors.

Tuvalu is also world famous for being considered the first country to be submerged as a result of global warming.


This spectacular archipelago is known to be the first place in the world to receive the new year. Its crystal clear waters make Kiribati the ideal place to practice all kinds of water sports.

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Diving and fishing are two of the favorite activities, from both locals and the few 5,000 tourists who visit the archipelago annually.


The Republic of Nauru is famous for being the smallest country in the world, it only has 21 square kilometers. It is also one of the least visited countries, the latest surveys show that only 200 tourists arrive on the island annually.

Marshall Islands

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Marshall Islands They have the most beautiful beaches, white sands, coral reefs and excellent security.

What is the reason why these islands receive a few 5,000 visitors each year? Apparently one of the main reasons is that the United Airlines airline maintains the monopoly of tickets for that destination and as a consequence the tickets are very expensive.

Our world has many unexplored cornersWhich of these destinations would you like to visit on your next vacation?

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