10 places to visit in France

Let's see 10 places to visit in France. We must remember that the Gallic country, in all its extension, has towns, cities and monuments that are worth seeing. However, some of them, because of their beauty, symbolism and meaning always become mandatory.

1. The Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum, Paris - Todd Lappin / Flickr.com

Among the places to visit in France we must highlight the Louvre Museum. It is probably the space that more tourists receive each year, with more than ten million. In addition, it has a huge surface in which you can see one of the most important art collections on the entire planet, represented virtually every era of human history.

2. The port of Marseille

Port of Marseille - Guillermo Fdez / Flickr.com

We must not forget the coast between the places to visit in France. For this reason, the Port of Marseille, in full and beautiful Côte d'Azur, is worth a good time. Thanks to him, the Mediterranean city has become an important enclave throughout Europe. In addition, once there, you can also visit the Cathedral or any of its beautiful palaces and museums.

3. The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower, Paris - achiz / Pixabai.com

Of course a symbol of France as the Eiffel Tower can not miss between the places of must-see In the Gallic country. It receives more than six million tourists every year, and going up, so imagine how many people will have seen it since its creation, in 1889. It is illuminated by thousands of lights, which gives it a majestic appearance during the night thanks to its more than 300 meters high.

4. The Gardens of Versailles and the Palace

Palace of Versailles - ahundt / Pixabai.com

Of course, among the places to visit in France you can not miss the Gardens of Versailles and its wonderful palace. The beauty of the leafy set with all kinds of flowers, statues and fountains still maintain the majesty of the France of past times, when the great monarchs of the country resided between its walls.

5. The Mount of Saint-Michel

Monte Saint Michel - werner22brigitte / Pixabai.com

We go now with another of the places to visit in France, the Mont Saint-Michel. This religious ensemble is a truly spectacular monument. It receives millions of visits a year, and it is not surprising, given the medieval aspect of the castle erected on a small island.

6. The Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris - Giorgos Vintzileos / Flickr.com

We continue with our route through the places to visit in France and stop now at another historic, the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral. A church built in full splendor of the Gothic style which has been a symbol and example of the beauty of the City of Light. Its walls have witnessed great events, such as the French Revolution or the beatification of Joan of Arc.

7. The Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe, Paris - Thiago Bignotto / Flickr.com

We continue to know the places to visit in France and stop now in front of the imposing Arc de Triomphe. Its more than 50 meters high presides over the Gallic country since 1806, year in which Napoleon commanded its construction.

8. The Loire Castles

Chambord Castle - cpamoiclui / Pixabai.com

Along the beautiful Loire River, we can see a number of places to visit in France, and they are the castles of the Loire. Following its course, we will glimpse a myriad of fortifications that total more than a hundred.

The castles of the Loire are constructions dating back to Renaissance times and they are kept in an excellent condition, so visiting any of them, or all, is a wonderful experience.

9. The Pompidou Center

Pompidou Center, Paris - alexandrid / Pixabai.com

We return to Paris to stop at the Pompidou Center. One of the places to visit in France since after almost 40 years of life, this It is the space that best reflects contemporary and modern art from across the country and even the planet.

10. The American Cemetery

American cemetery, Normandy - elementus / Pixabai.com

Although it seems incredible, we will finish our walk through the places to visit in France at the American Cemetery. Located in the town of Colleville sur Mer, It looks like today tribute to the soldiers who fell at the Normandy landing during World War II. A truly bloody episode that we must all remember so that it never happens again.

«England is an empire, Germany a country, a race; France is a person. »

-Jules Michelet-

You will check that there are many places to visit in France for its beauty and uniqueness. Obviously, it is difficult to see them all in a single trip, but it is that the Gallic country hides thousands of wonders that are worth enjoying every time you step on its territory.

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