Reasons why traveling improves your personality

The experience of traveling the world and knowing new cultures brings with it a great variety of benefits for our lives, both personally and at work. Traveling changes us as a person, we are going to know some of the psychological explanations of why traveling improves your personality.

1. A more open mindset

The power knowing new cultures and customs makes us open our minds and understand situations that perhaps were indifferent before. It is not the same to watch something on television or the Internet than to be able to feel it firsthand and listen to the people who live there.

Fisherman in Tuvaru - Nick Hobgood /

Traveling helps us reaffirm our values ​​and at the same time change our mentality In many aspects of our life, perhaps what you once saw as unthinkable after a few trips you begin to see with normality. The knowledge of new cultures brings greater wisdom, maturity and tolerance.

2. More adventurous

Traveling regularly makes even the most structured people become a little more flexible, spontaneous and adventurous.

Traveling will allow you to face fears and uncertainties that before they stopped you, you will realize that the beauty of life lies in the unknown, in what is to come.

3. Your values ​​are reaffirmed

One of the psychological aspects for which traveling improves personality is due to the fact that We tend to value things more when we know other places.

Many times we do not give enough value to our home, work and family. We dream of the greatness of other places but only when we are away from home for a long time do we begin to miss and value even the smallest details. Let's say Traveling gives a new perspective to your life.

4. Greater creativity

Our creativity expands as we know and discover more. Curiosity is the best friend of creativity, knowing new customs will open your mind and spirit to a much more imaginative world. That creative side you always wanted to have will probably come out.

East Side Galery, Berlin - Olivier Bruchez /

5. Train your mind

When we read a book we put our mind to work, especially memory. The same happens when we travel, especially if we are the kind of tourists who like to investigate the culture of that new place.

Knowing the traditions of a country, the names of the most emblematic places, its history, its heroes, castles, ruins, language and others is ideal to put our mind to work. There is no better way to learn than traveling, These experiences will be reflected in your memory forever.

«The trips serve to know the customs of the different towns and to shed the prejudice that only in one's own country can one live in the way one is accustomed to.»

-Rene Descartes-

6. Leave your comfort area

Traveling is the most effective way you can find to leave your comfort area And eat the world.

When we remain static, great things don't usually happen, and many times the fear of the unknown paralyzes us. There is no better way to face fears than traveling and knowing completely new cultures and different from ours.

As you travel more you will discover that not everything in life is black and white, you will risk more and that will imply growth in all areas of your personality.

7. You will discover your true friendships

You probably have hundreds of friends on your social networks, friends who comment and give like to your photos But when you are very far from home, only true friends will be the ones who keep in touch with you and worry about knowing if you're doing well.

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So traveling and being away from home will also bring you the enormous benefit of discovering who your true friends are.

8. Growth and maturity

Do you remember the first trip you took alone or without your parents? Surely the feeling was fear and emotion but when you did it and everything went well you felt great.

On that trip you were the one who had to ask how to get to a certain address, you had to juggle to understand you with the natives of the place, you had to grow up and pack your own suitcase, as well as manage your own budget.

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Traveling alone, or at least without the company of parents, forces us to grow. After that first trip you will feel invincible and with each new one you make you will continue learning and enjoying the experience to the fullest.

Traveling is a roller coaster of emotions that forces us to grow but it also pushes us to enjoy life more intensely. What other psychological explanation would you add to explain why traveling improves our personality?

Video: How traveling shapes your personality: Gulhan Sen at TEDxFatihUniversity (February 2020).