The Lobos River Canyon and its mysteries

It is located in the town of Ucero, in the Province of Soria, and was declared a National Park in 1985. But if there is something that attracts attention, it is that the Lobos River Canyon is considered one of the most mysterious and energetic places in all of Spain.

This place It stands out for its limestone rock formations that, exposed to the erosion of the water of rivers and torrents, has formed a set of caves, some with several kilometers of depth.

Lobos river canyon - bigchus /

If you like caving, this is the ideal place to practice it. In Ucero you can find the services of several companies that take you to know the Palomera cave, one of the most interesting.

In the jaws of the Wolves, You will enjoy a lovely landscape, with forests full of elms and ash trees. The steepest slopes are populated with junipers until the end of the rocks, so this canyon offers beautiful views to the visitor.

The hermitage of San Bartolomé in the Lobos River Canyon

In the depths of the Lobos River canyon is a mysterious construction, the hermitage of San Bartolomé, a secluded and full of energy place.

It was built by the Templars at the end of the 12th century and at the beginning of the 13th. It is an order military order, for some a secret mystical society knowledgeable about the occult sciences, which built emblematic and mysterious sites.

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One of the unknowns surrounding this hermitage is that it has not been discovered why it was built, But it is perfect for those who like meditation and understanding esoteric mysteries.

This place It has many magnetic anomalies due to the telluric currents that run through the area.A circumstance that is easily measured with pendulums and compasses and that is evident in some places of the canyon such as the Candelones cave, where stalactites grow, strangely, sideways.

The symbolisms of the hermitage

To get to this hermitage, From the road to Ucero, take the deviation that leads to the Lobos River Canyon. There is a place enabled to leave the car and from that point you have to walk for approximately two kilometers.

Once next to the building its enigmatic sticks and reliefs are worth observing: wine barrels, faces, wolves, crosses, a lot of symbolisms.

Symbols in the chapel of St. Bartholomew - GFreihalter /

Among these symbolisms stands the rosette of six intertwined hearts, which has many similarities with the Jewish symbol of the Seal of Solomon. Symbolisms and inscriptions in some cases that could be related to the legend of the Holy Grail.

In front of the hermitage you can find a cave where it is said pagan rituals were celebrated since ancient times. A cave of about 250 meters in length and with natural light in its entirety.

«Mystery is the most beautiful thing we can experience. It is the source of all true art and science."

-Albert Einstein-

Mysterious caves

Among the more than 250 caves in the site, highlights the cave of San Bartolomé, place of ancient pagan rites, where you will find cave paintings over 20,000 years old and an altar at the entrance that indicates that it was used to perform rituals and sacrifices.

Big Cave in the Lobos River Canyon - Triedros /

If you go to the bottom of the canyon you reach the bridge of the seven eyes, after a journey of about 14 kilometers that crosses some enclaves of lonely beauty such as the Black Cave.

Viewpoint of the Galiana

You can't miss the views that the Mirador de la Galiana gives you. You will find it about three kilometers above the main entrance and from it you can see the colorfulness of the poplars. A magnificent place to see birds and raptors in the park.

Río Lobos, Soria - David Miraut /

From this point too You can see from the other side of the Lobos River Canyon the ruins of Ucero Castle, construction also attributed to the Templars.

Mysteries and more mysteries

There are many questions raised by this natural paradise Who built the hermitage? Were they really the Templars? What messages do your rosettes, cinnamon sticks and stonecutters store? What do they want to tell us? What kind of cults and rituals were performed both in the hermitage and in the caves that surround it?

There are many hypotheses, but so far There is nothing definitive about the mysteries of the Lobos River Canyon.This atmosphere of magic and mystery, together with an impressive nature provided by the geological constitution and its location, make it one of those incredible places to visit.

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