Countries with more World Heritage sites

It is interesting to make a list of countries with the highest number of World Heritage sites declared by Unesco. The international community knows how to value places that, due to their history, beauty, natural landscape or spectacular nature, stand out from other spaces and deserve to be enjoyed by ordinary mortals.


We begin with our route through the countries with the greatest number of Unesco heritage focusing our eyes on Italy.This popular European state It has a whopping 49 places that have deserved the honor of such distinction.

It is not surprising that Italy is at the top of the list, since it has been the focus of the civilized world for centuries, thanks to the enormous influence of the Roman Empire. Of those distant classical times vestiges like the Forum, the Colosseum, Agrigente, Velia, Pompeii remain, etc.

Temple of Segesta in Sicily - Jacqueline Poggi /

Further, Italy has a large number of populations that stand out for their historical beauty. Good examples of this are Florence, Venice or Naples, whose historic centers have deserved to be protected by Unesco given its wonderful geography.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that Italy stands out as one of the countries with the greatest number of Unesco heritage due to its lush vegetation and geography. Places like the impressive Dolomites or the Etna volcano give good faith in that.


Among the countries with the greatest number of Unesco heritage there could be a state as large and with a history as extensive and exotic as China. Total, there are 45 protected spaces that the Asian giant has and that are especially recommended for the general public.

How can it be otherwise, The Great Wall of China is the most spectacular example of a historical place that deserves the recognition of World Heritage. In addition, highlights such famous elements throughout the planet as the Forbidden City or the famous warriors of Xi'an.

Great Wall of China - tpsdave /

Further, China has a huge natural heritage. Among its most prominent territories, it is necessary to highlight the Tien Shan mountains, in Xinjiang, from whose impressive summits any human can feel like the king of the world.


It is the turn of Spain. Thanks to the profuse history it has and its vital importance in the past, in whose kingdom the sun was not setting, this is a state that must be highlighted among the countries with the largest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites. This country has 44 places protected by this prestigious body.

Roman theater of Mérida - Luisfpizarro /

Spain stands out, like Italy or China, for its wonderful geographical and natural extension, among whose most spectacular places National parks like Monte Perdido, Doñana or Garajonay stand out.

In addition, the culture and history of Spain also obtain outstanding protection from Unesco. So that, cities like Salamanca, Cáceres or Toledo stand out for their historical importance and spectacular architecture. To them you can add buildings such as the Escorial, the Park Güell or the Cathedral of Burgos.


We are now approaching France, the next in the list of countries with the highest number of World Heritage sites. In this case, the Gauls have a total of 38 spread among cathedrals, cities and historical areas.

Chenanceau Castle - Patrick Subotkiewiez /

Among the most mythical spaces in France and that have deserved to be protected by Unesco, we can highlight the wonderful Mont Saint Michel, for example. Next to him, the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, the impressive Eiffel Tower or the gothic towns of Bourges or Amiens.


We say goodbye within the European territory, since within the borders of the old continent ties Germany with 38 zones among the countries with the highest number of Unesco assets in the world.

Rothenburg, Germany - Boris Stroujko

In this case, natural places like the Friesland Sea attract attention, in front of others raised by men like the Museumsinsel in Berlin or the Cologne Cathedral. In addition, there are cities like Dessau or Weimar that have deserved this distinction for their particular architecture.

»Half of the beauty depends on the landscape and the other half of the man who looks at it»

-Lin Yutang-

You can check that almost all the countries with the greatest number of Unesco assets are mainly in Europe. It is not surprising, given that the modern world was designed and grew in the old continent as we know it today.

But nevertheless, Millenary cultures like China also have a lot to say in this matter, given its enough tradition and the spectacular nature of its vast and impressive territory.

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