The 5 most colorful cities in the world

The color improves the mood, gives joy and optimism to those who see it. Unfortunately it is not always present in our lives, cities are usually boring and monochromatic, although there are wonderful exceptions. There are cities full of color, places where the facades of their buildings are a true song of joy.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Bo-Kaap in Cape Town - South African Tourism /

Hidden in Cape Town there is a wonderful and colorful corner. It’s the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, located a few minutes from the city center.

In its beginnings, slaves brought by the Dutch settled there, although today it is known as the Muslim or Malay neighborhood. A neighborhood that is characterized by its cobbled streets and houses painted in different pastel colors.

Here it is forbidden to paint the house in the same colors as the neighbor. In this way this place has become a corner that is worth a visit to enjoy its colorful facades, which most resemble a large rainbow.

Houses and colors in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town - Instinia

But nevertheless, In Cape Town you can not only enjoy this charming neighborhood. You can also meet great palaces, temples and many fortresses. It is a city with a dry and warm climate.

Here there are also fantastic beaches. But you should keep in mind that the months of June and September are monsoon months, so the city of the sun ceases to be.

2. City of Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw, Poland - Pablo77

This is another of the most colorful cities in the world. Its rows of houses with its sloping roofs and vibrant colors give the city joy and creativity.Bright tones and pastel colors make this a city worth visiting and enjoyed with all our senses.

Wroclaw is also a place worth visiting for other reasons. The city sits on 12 islands linked by more than one hundred bridges. Highlights its beautiful old town, with the town hall, the cathedral and its streets full of charm.

3. City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires - Marissa Strniste /

In the capital of Argentina there is a special corner, it is the neighborhood of La Boca, named that way because it is in the mouth of a stream. Here is they established Italian families and gave the place a typically Genoese air.

Since their inhabitants had no money to buy paint, they painted their houses with what was left over from painting the boats. Over the years, this riverside custom has been preserved. Thanks to this, La Boca has maintained its cheerful and distinctive color over the years.

La Boca has many tourist attractions: You can walk along the Caminito pedestrian street to the sound of a tango or milonga or see great works of art such as murals and graffiti made by local artists, among other things. Another attraction is the port or the stadium of the Boca Juniors Club.

4. City of Izamal, Mexico

Izamal, Mexico - Hotel MedioMundo /

Izamal is located in the State of Yucatán and has been designated as a magical town. Can you imagine why? This is one of the most colorful cities in the world. Its colonial buildings are painted bright colors and happy, which makes the city look like a story city that invites you to be visited and enjoyed.

The colors of its buildings are not the only thing that attracts tourism in this city, It also has beautiful squares, pre-Hispanic ruins and a beautiful convent.If you visit this city you will feel how its cheerful and fresh spirit gets through your eyes.

5. City of Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, Great Britain - ND Johnston

Because of its size, this it is the eighth most important city in the United Kingdom. In addition to being known for its importance, Bristol is one of the most colorful cities in the world.

The homes of this city are distinguished by their color and joy, painted with beautiful shades ranging from blue to more intense red or green.

If you go to this interesting city, don't miss the Clifton neighborhood. Here everything is color, joy and very good humor.

«Color is life, because a world without color is presented as dead. Colors are the primary ideas, the children of light. »

-Johannes Itten-

Cities do not have to be gray and boring. There are places where walking in the streets is a unique experience to lift your spirits.

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