Pros and cons of cruising

To travel on a cruiser It is a very interesting option when planning your vacationThere is a lot of fun, gala parties, themes, spectacular sunsets and a permanent attention service.

further They have become a very popular option, since they offer the traveler fares adjusted to any pocket. But if you think it is very good to be true, we bring you a list of pros and cons of traveling on a cruise.

Pros and cons of traveling on a cruise


1. On a cruise you will only have to prepare the suitcase, since its organization is on the part of the organizers of the trip. This is ideal for those who do not like to be planning activities and prefer to have everything ready.

Greek Islands Cruise - Olga Gavrilova

2. A cruise is perfect for those who wish to discover new cities in a short time, since They offer a fast and economical way to visit many destinations.

3. When sleeping on the boat It is not necessary to spend money on hotel reservations.

4. On a cruise you don't have to worry about transportation costs for transfers between one site and another.

5. Most cruises offer the “all inclusive”, so you won't have to worry about eating food, which allows you to relax during the trip and avoid worrying about looking for a hotel or a place to eat.

6. You will have at your disposal different types of restaurants and buffet with very varied menus designed for people of diverse culture and origin.

Luxury Cruise - NAN728

7. Cruises provide varied entertainment to passengers throughout the day, You can have gymnastics and animations in the morning and concerts, discos and other performances at night.

8. You will have at your disposal shops, swimming pools, libraries, casinos, spas and even cinemas if it is a large cruise.

9. You will have a chance to meet many people and you will surely make many friendships with which you will live very good moments.

10. Cruise trips They are ideal to enjoy the whole family. There is fun for both children and adults.

Cruise - Costin Constantinescu


1. If you want to be alone a cruise is not for you, there will always be many people around you. Between passengers and crew there will be no time for you to have a moment with yourself.

2. If you have health problems like vertigo or gastrointestinal problems, you will have a very bad time on a cruise, taking into account that the ship will always be moving.

3. You will not be able to relax in the cities where passengers disembark, sincevisits are only scheduled for a few hours, which does not allow you to know the cities well and less enjoy their tourist attractions.

Fjord Cruise - Lili Rozet

4. Services that are not included can be very expensive, So you have to be careful not to consume them too much. An example, sometimes drinks are not included and are usually the most expensive of what is consumed.

5. If you don't like queuing, You must be patient because on the cruise there will be a line for everything. Having so many people you will have to wait practically for everything.

6. You may not feel comfortable in the cabins, as they are very small. So much so that you can literally touch the two walls of your cabin just by stretching your arms.

7. Given that you will spend your vacation surrounded by water,maybe Despite all the fun, you feel stuck in the boat.

8. Having all the activities scheduled you will always depend on the itinerary and established schedule.

Turkey cruise - sezer66

9. Having so little time to visit the cities, You will have less chance to taste the local cuisine from each country you visit.

Other considerations to consider

Cruises only leave coastal cities, so you must take into account the additional expense that the transfer would entail to the departure site ship's.

All-inclusive services may vary., be sure to verify what this service covers and what consumptions are not included.

In the event that you require spaces and facilities for people with disabilities, make sure to ask before for these services, since some cruises for reasons of size do not offer them.

«A ship in the port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Sail in the sea and do new things. »

-Grace Hopper-

As we can see, cruise trips offer us many advantages, lots of fun and entertainment, but you have to take into account some factors so that your trip becomes an unforgettable experience.

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