The 3 most beautiful places in Catalonia

Catalonia is one of the communities in Spain where tourism brings out the best version of its magical corners. The traveler will find here unique fishing villages, exotic beaches and even the most beautiful of the Pyrenees

Further, Catalonia houses modernity and history in unison, which makes it a multifaceted region in Spain. We invite you to discover a little more of Catalonia and show you so it can be a mandatory stop for an unforgettable new trip.

1. Cadaqués

Cadaqués, Girona - marlee

This fishing village in Catalonia is located on the Cape of Creus peninsula. In addition, it is one of the most symbolic places on the Costa Brava in Girona. In Cadaqués there are fascinating beaches and highly demanded by tourists at any time of the year.

Cadaqués was the place of inspiration for decades for geniuses of the artistic world like Picasso, Dalí and even Marcel Duchamp. In the historic center you can visit a variety of museums and art galleries that denote the great artistic and cultural movement that inhabits this town. The Salvador Dalí House-Museum is a mandatory stop.

«Traveling is essential and thirst for travel, a net symptom of intelligence».

-Enrique Jardiel Poncela-

In addition to its picturesque streets and houses very Mediterranean style, Cadaqués is a site where archaeological sites are found and abundant spaces where nature plays a vital role.

2. Montserrat

Montserrat Monastery, Barcelona - Joseph Sohm

Montserrat is a Catalan town surrounded by rocky peaks that give it a majestic air. The name of this place comes from the Catalan language and when translated means "Monte Serrado". This because its peaks give it a saw appearance.

Without a doubt, Montserrat is the ideal place for nature lovers. This town is visited by walkers to practice extreme sports and climb its high peaks. On the tour of the Natural Park of Montserrat the traveler will find an open-air museum, as well as various species of exotic and unique plants to delight the view.

For travelers who connect more with spirituality is the Benedictine abbey. This is the place where a pilgrimage that takes place for centuries is concentrated. On top of the Montserrat Mountain Natural Park is this sanctuary, where the virgin Moreneta is venerated, a Romanesque style image dating from the twelfth century.

3. Lake of Banyoles

Lake Banyoles, Girona - funkyfrogstock

This lake is listed as the largest in Catalonia. It was formed 250,000 years ago and is of karst and tectonic origin. Studies from the last century state that the way in which water reaches this place is of underground origin and not by means of river overflows.

Lake Banyoles is ideal for water sports such as kayaking and sailing. In addition, you can also practice rowing, canoeing and water skiing. This place is even more impressive because it inhabits a fascinating ecosystem that makes it the perfect place for rural tourism.

Multiple legends have formed around Lake Banyoles. Some affirm that in their depths there are dark sea monsters, as well as the mystery that contains the origin of their waters.

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