10 dishes that will mark your trip through Latin America

Traveling to Latin America is an always unique and rewarding experience. Many elements of the great continent will get your attention, such as color, joy and an impressive nature. But it is not the only thing that will conquer you. The food will also mark your experience in any of the countries you visit.

1. Empanadas from Argentina

Among the meals that will mark your trip through Latin America, it is worth highlighting the empanada from Argentina. Without a doubt, the mass with which it is made is a true gastronomic show. In addition, the fillings are also delicious. Do not forget to try the chicken, fish or vegetables in any of its variants depending on the area of ​​the country you visit.

«The history of gastronomy is the history of the world»

-Carme Ruscalleda-

2. Ceviche from Peru

One of the most spectacular dishes in Latin America is the Peruvian ceviche. A wonderful treat consisting of marinated fish with a spectacular sauce with a spicy touch and citrus flavor that will not leave you indifferent and will mark your trip through the great country of Machu Picchu.

3. Tacos from Mexico

First of all, think that in Mexico practically all the food you are going to try is based on spicy. You will not find in all Latin America a place where there is so much passion for this excessive gastronomy.

Mexican tacos - SEAGULL_L

Once you have become mentalized, Don't stop trying the tacos. Stuffed with roasted or stewed meat, with vegetables or other products, they are very typical of the land and are really delicious.

4. Pupusa of El Salvador

On our gastronomic route through Latin America, we now reach the borders of El Salvador. There we find some corn tortillas called pupusas and that thanks to their cheese filling, ayote or beans, they become dishes worthy of being on this list.

5. Roast from Argentina

We return to Argentina to taste another of the great delicacies of the country, the roast. Without a doubt, this is one of the most overwhelming foods you will try in Latin America. On grill or in stakes with embers, Creole sausages, entrails, strip, empty ... Endless cuts of beef that will delight you when you try it.

Argentine roast - funkyfrogstock

6. Cuban Cuban Sandwich

As the name implies, we are now approaching the Caribbean Sea, in the middle of Latin America, to taste Cuba's famous Cuban sandwich. An island classic for over 200 years that It consists of tomato, carrot, lettuce or asparagus along with earth bread and sucker, cheese, lacon, pickles ... A sandwich treat.

7. Paisa Tray of Colombia

Another of the dishes that you should taste during your visit to Latin America is the paisa tray, typical of Colombian lands. Includes one complete mix of white rice, fried egg, sausage, arepa, patacon, pork rinds and a host of other ingredients. When you go to take it, make sure before you are very hungry. Also, you probably can't eat more all day.

8. Bolón de Verde de Ecuador

We approach now to Ecuador on our trip through Latin America to taste the green bolon. In this case, It is a large dough of fried and mashed green banana mixed with meat, cheese or other foods to the diner's taste. The filling is added in quantity of one part for every 4 or 5 of the ball.

Green Bolon - Photos593

9. Paila Marina of Chile

We arrived now to Chile to try the sea paila. On our walk through the best of Latin American food, we must not stop trying this exquisite dish that mixes the best of the seafood of the Andean country with clams, knives or plovers next to the conger. And all this sprinkled with a rich sauce of fish stock and white wine.

10. Hallaca from Venezuela

We finished our trip through the geography of Latin America in the lands of Venezuela. There we discovered he found her, a cake with corn dough stuffed with stewed meats and endless ingredients such as olives, capers, onion, etc. Undoubtedly, one last delicacy that crowns this gastronomic journey through the countries of the center and the south of the American continent.

Do not miss the variety of flavors and textures that you will be able to taste at the borders of Latin America. His passion for good gastronomy is comparable to that of any country in Europe and his delicacies are delicious, complete and original.

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