Murad Osmann, a traveler's amazing blog

The Murad Osmann project is a clear example of how the simplest ideas become great projects.Murad Osmann is a Russian film producer and photographer who combined his two hobbies, photography and travel. The difference is that their photographs are always taken from the same perspective in the most exotic and visited places on the planet.

Who is Murad Osmann?

Murad Osmann is a young photographer born in Dagestan, Russia, in 1985. With a taste from a very young age for photography, He always stood out for being creative when it came to showing the world through his photographic works.

Although it has never been clarified if he is professionally dedicated to photography, His works stand out for their quality and originality, It has even been cataloged as editorial work.

After graduating as a civil engineer at Imperial College London, Osmann He decided to put aside his profession to devote his life to three things: travel, take pictures, and live his love with the Russian model and journalist Natalia Zakharova, whom she has recently married.

How do you start this project?

This project started very casually Two years ago, when Natalia and Osmann were on vacation in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

Natalia did not like that Osmann did not pay attention to him and dedicated himself only to take photographs of the place, so she began to go backwards holding her hand, something that did not prevent him from continuing to take pictures.

When they saw the result of this perspective, They liked it so much that they started a project with their #FollowMeTo tag on their Instagram account. A project that currently has more than 40 photographs and has become a trend movement, where couples around the world try to emulate photographs in the style of Murad Osmann.

The same perspective, different environments

Osmann takes advantage the immediacy of the Internet and the versatility of mobile photography To carry out your project. It mainly uses the well-known Touch-up App for Camera + smartphones, although it does not always use a mobile, as we can see in some of the backstage photos that it publishes.

To give them that drama in the characteristic color of their photos, edit them with high saturation and maximized dynamic range (HDR), which makes them very striking and arouse a strong visual attraction.

The perspective is always the same, Osmann takes the picture with his girlfriend on his back holding her hand. What changes is the environment and the costumes of Natalia, which is always consistent with the surroundings.

This couple chooses the most emblematic places in the world such as London, Barcelona, ​​Disney World, Moscow, Bali, Venice, Zaragoza, San Sebastian and many more places to take your pictures.

The charm of these places with the perspective of the photo gives that original and different touch to this creative idea, which is why Murad Osmann's photographs have become a trending movement in social networks.

Osmann shows us that we don't need a professional camera, a tripod or some additional photography accessory to achieve spectacular images, in the most impressive places in the world. A simple camera or mobile phone, combined with good editing programs, can leave you with the most spectacular memories of your trips.

«We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no limit to the adventures we can have as long as we look for them with our eyes wide open. »

-Jawaharial Nehru-

If you want to be inspired by the best destinations in the world just look at the photo gallery of Murad Osmann. It will make you want to take your suitcase and get on a plane to launch yourself to enjoy the most spectacular sites and, why not, emulate the photographs of Murad Osmann.