The 6 most beautiful metro stations in the world

These metro stations are an ode to art, good taste and architecture. Contrary to what is the common denominator of the underground, they have more open spaces than normal and with a luxury that will make users enjoy their way home more.

There are some subway stations that go beyond its main function, which is nothing more than providing a fast and effective transport service for citizens of a certain city. We invite you to meet and tour with us some of the most beautiful metro stations in the world.

Unforgettable metro stations

1. Dubai

Dubai is one of the most modern and extravagant countries of recent times. All his works seek to highlight the majesty of the kingdom and the metro stations could not be less.

Dubai Metro - Philip Lange

We cannot choose a single Dubai metro station because all the stations are spectacular, spacious and with luxurious details wherever you look. The first phase was inaugurated in 2009 and is since then the longest automatic network in the world, surpassing that of Vancouver, Canada.

2. Moscow

The Moscow metro has a station that is an authentic piece of art, Komsomólskay station. When you visit the Komsomólskay station you can enjoy the spectacular dome it has, the beautiful mosaics on the ceiling by the artist Pavel Korin and the imposing Corinthian columns.

Komsomolskaya Station, Moscow - Jorge Láscar /

The beauty of this station is of such magnitude that both its architect, Alexey Schusev, and artist Pavel Korin, received the Stalin Prize. The station was opened in 1952 and since then It has been a reference point for tourists as one of the most beautiful places in Moscow.

3. Stockholm

The subway in Stockholm is known worldwide as "the largest art museum in the world." With that description you can already imagine the extraordinary beauty that is hidden in all its seasons.

Stockholm Metro - /

In all the stations of the Stockholm metro you can see beautiful works of art. But nevertheless, The main station, T-Centralen, is one of the most spectacular, was painted by the Finnish artist Per Olaf Utvedt and undoubtedly stands out above the others. Would you like to meet her?

«Everyone has the right to walk from one end of the city to the other in safe and beautiful spaces. Everyone has the right to go by public transport. «

-Richard Rogers-

Subway stations with class and charm

4. Naples

The metro of this Italian city is one of the largest visual shows in the world. Thanks to a project that has been proposed to renew the metro stations of Italian cities, today the city of Naples takes the prize for the most spectacular subway, especially the Toledo station.

Naples Metro - rluckyraccoon /

The Toledo station was opened in 2012 and has been listed as “the most beautiful metro station in all of Europe”. The Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca was the one who designed the station, which is composed of refined mosaics, panels with LED lighting and a relaxing seascape.

5. Barcelona

Drassanes metro station, Barcelona - Cha già José /

Drassanes metro station, Barcelona is one of those places that make you feel in a space movie. A team of architects renewed the station in 2007, changing the typical walls with glass reinforced concrete panels, which gives it that special air of spacecraft.

6. St. Petersburg

If you are not one of those who like futuristic architecture very much, but instead would like to move to ancient times and enjoy neoclassical architecture, the Russian Avtovo station located in St. Petersburg is for you. This luxurious station was designed by Y.A. Levinson and opened in 1955, despite the years it still retains all its charm and splendor.

Metro station Avtovo, St. Petersburg - Garrett Ziegler /

The lavishness of this station is evidenced in the glass coating of many of its columns, as well as the white marble walls, the gigantic chandeliers and the most beautiful and delicate ornaments.

These metro stations are authentic works of art through which its users enjoy a pleasant and cultural space. Taking the subway in these cities is a real pleasure, so you know, in your next trips you can not miss the metro stations of the city, you may get a very pleasant surprise.

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