The Camino del Rey in Malaga, only for the brave

The Camino del Rey is a narrow and winding step located on the sides of the impressiveLos Gaitanes Gorge, in the town of El Chorro, in the Andalusian province of Málaga. A walk not easy but that will allow you to enjoy incredible views.

A path only for the most daring

What increases the adrenaline of the bravest is that The road is only one meter wide. It is literally hanging on the walls of the gorge and at an average distance of 100 meters above the river.

For this reason the Way of the King is only for the most intrepid. This overpass It is one of the most spectacular but also most dangerous trails in the world Due to the risk of walking through it, it is not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo or are afraid of heights.

Walkways on the Camino del Rey - Natalia Vault /

History of the Camino del Rey

Initially, This trail was built by the Chorro Hydroelectric Society, owner of the Salto del Gaitanejo and Salto del Chorro. The reason for its construction was none other than to make an access between both waterfalls to facilitate the passage of maintenance workers, the transport of materials and their surveillance.

These works began in 1901 and finished in 1905. At that timethe road began next to the train tracks of Renfe and crossed the Gorge of the Gaitanes, communicating and facilitating the passage between both sides.

Bridge on the Camino del Rey - David Salcedo

This road was inaugurated in 1921, when King Alfonzo XIII crossed the Camino deMalaga to the place in the dam of the Count of Guadalhorce. From that moment they began to call him "The Way of the King", a name he maintains today.

The black history of the Camino del Rey

Over time, the Camino del Rey was deteriorating, to the point of becoming the most dangerous hiking route in the world. There were accidents, in some fatal cases, that contributed to the black legend of this site.

To avoid more accidents,the Junta de Andalucía decided Close access to the road by demolishing its initial section.

After being closed 15 years, the Camino del Rey reopened to the public and the bravest did not hesitate to travel it. It currently has a new gateway, information and lighting points and also has Wi-Fi networks and USB ports.

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How to get to the Camino del Rey

The Gaitanes Gorge is found at an approximate hour by car from Malaga. But it can also be accessed via train, as the El Chorro railway station, which is two kilometers from the road, is connected to Malaga and Seville via medium-distance trains.

What to see on the Camino del Rey

The total route of the Camino del Rey is 7.7 kms. Of them 4.8 kms. they are of accesses and 2.9 kms. from door to door of the catwalks.

The best known part of the route is the walkways, because of how dangerous they were before the restoration. The estimated time to make the journey from the section of the door from one gateway to the other, including forest trails or tracks to reach or leave the area, is between 4 and 5 hours.

If you plan to do the tour you must take into account that to reach the accesses of the catwalks, regardless of the entrance, you must go a long way as well as the slopes of the same.

Bridge on the Camino del Rey - Natalia Vault /

Your heart will accelerate when you pass the suspension bridge over 100 meters above the Guadalhorce River and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Los Gaitanes gorge, a natural canyon excavated by the river.

The catwalk in the Gaitanes gorge is perfectly visible from the railroad,take a chance to admire its incredible construction, contemplating the views of the beautiful landscapes.

"I consider the one who conquers his desires braver than he who conquers his enemies, since the hardest victory is victory over oneself."


The orography of the Camino del Rey

There are parts of the tour, like the central part in the Valley in the Hole, which are flat and easy to travel. But there are differences as you leave the Armchair of the King in the Guadalhorce Reservoir, about 250 meters above sea level, or from the El Chorro train station (southern zone in Álora), about 225 meters.

The climbs, descents, walkways, stairs, etc. make it is required to have good physical condition. On the website of King's road There are a number of recommendations to prepare when you plan to visit.

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