Corbett National Park and its rich fauna

The extensive Corbett National Park is the oldest in India and one of the best places in this immense country to see wildlife in the wild.

There are many species that are sighted in the park, from hundreds of birds to crocodiles. Logically, the majestic Asian elephants are also contemplated. But surely lA great star of Corbett Park is the Bengal Tiger.

Where is Corbett National Park

The more than 500 square kilometers of protected park space are located to the north of India,already in the foothills of the impressive Himalayan mountain range. Specifically in Kumaon, between the districts of Pauri Garhwal and Nainital de Uttarakhand.

Although the park is about 300 kilometers from the capital of the country, the journey from Delhi can last about eight hours.

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To visit the Corbett National Park it is necessary to visit the city of Ramnagar. There are the central offices and it is the best place to find out about the multiple accommodation possibilities.

As well you can book a guided tour of the park. Photographic safaris that can be done both in the SUV and on the backs of gigantic elephants.

The fauna of Corbett National Park

The itineraries inside the park are always accompanied by guides Perfect connoisseurs of the territory. Following his advice and respecting all safety measures, it is possible to marvel at the animals that live here. Contemplating the various types of deer that graze in the area or the monkeys and macaques are some of the many attractions that these itineraries offer us.

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However, it is important to be guided and advised by the park staff, because there are fascinating but very dangerous animals. For example, cobras or unicorn crocodiles in the waters of the Ramganga River.

Even wild elephants are very powerful forces of nature of a gentle nature, but very jealous of their territory Be careful because if an elephant feels harassed it can attack.

And of course, special mention deserves the Bengal tiger. A lonely cat who is occasionally seen resting in the brush. But he is always prepared for a new capture of some appetizing sambar deer, one of his favorite prey.

Here you find this incomparable animal its food and shelter, after years of being harassed by man and being part of the list of animals in danger of extinction.

The Tiger Project in Corbett

Bengal Tone - Raida

In fact, Corbett National Park was the ideal place to launch the protection program for this great mammal. A few decades ago they did not reach 2,000 copies throughout the country, and gradually this number has been increasing thanks to the Tiger Project. Although at present its number is very distant to the first years of the 20th century, when there were up to 50,000 in India.

Jim Corbett gives name to the Park

At that time when tigers and other felines such as leopards abounded it was usual that there were hunters specialized in their capture.

One of them was Jim Corbett, a character born in India, but of English and Irish parents. For years he devoted himself to killing these felines, which posed a threat to man.

However, he was always passionate about the landscapes, flora and fauna of his land, until one day he decided to stop being a hunter and devote himself to conserving nature. Despite its origins, it never had a colonialist attitude towards its fellow citizens, so in 1957, with an already independent India the park was renamed and since then it bears his name.

"When a man wants to kill a tiger, he calls it sport when it is the tiger who wants to kill him, he calls it ferocity."

-George Bernard Shaw-

If you decide to travel to this Hindu protected reserve it is extremely interesting to read something about Jim Corbett. He left many writings in which a life of intense adventures is discovered and above all, a feeling of love for his land and its inhabitants.

After these readings, the safari through Corbett National Park have a different flavor. It is inevitable to be passionate about the wild nature of these landscapes and feel a deep respect for that fauna, much more powerful than any man and so weak in front of him.

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