8 beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In the capital of Scotland you can find some of the most spectacular monuments, castles and palaces of the old continent. Would you like to visit with us some of the most spectacular places that Edinburgh has to offer?

Edinburgh: a journey through time

1. Calton Hill

Calton Hill is one of the places you can not miss on your next trip to Edinburgh. From there you can enjoy the most spectacular views of the city.

View from Calton Hill - Shaiith

On the top of the mountain you can find beautiful monuments with an architectural style that recalls the glory days of ancient Greece. They are ideal for taking the most incredible photographs.

2. Edinburgh Castle

This imposing fortress is without a doubt one of Scotland's main tourist attractions. It is erected on a mountain of volcanic rock that is located in the heart of the city.

Edinburgh Castle - jan kranendonk

When you visit Edinburgh Castle You can enjoy, in addition to its magnificent architecture, some special exhibitions. Do not miss the National War Memorial of Scotland, the Scone Stone or "stone of destiny", the Thirteen Hour Canyon and many other interesting activities that you will surely love.

"Never show so overwhelming moved so excited eyes."

-Julio Verne-

3. Holyrood Park

This beautiful park is located in the center of Edinburgh and is very close to the castle. Holyrood Park is made up of beautiful hills, cliffs and lakes They are a real delight for the eyes.

Holyrood Park - gimagesef

The history of this park dates back to 1541, when James V of Scotland surrounded the land with a stone wall. Today the park is open to the public, who can enjoy the natural springs, the ruins of the Chapel of San Antonio, the rocks of Salisbury Crags and much more.

4. Victoria Street

This is one of the most beautiful streets in Edinburgh. Walking through it is enjoying its beautiful, old and colorful buildings. In addition, it will be almost impossible to resist all the wonderful products offered by their stores, as well as their exquisite coffee shops.

An unforgettable journey through Edinburgh

5. Royal Mile

Royal Mile - JeniFoto

Since you are touring the streets of Edinburgh, a must-stop is the Royal Mile. This long street connects Edinburgh Castle with Parliament. There you can always enjoy a wide variety of activities, as well as the spectacular San Gil Cathedral.

6. Water of Leith

Leith Harbor - Albert Pego

Water of Letih is the ideal area where you will find the best cafes, bars and restaurants. In addition, there is a very beautiful walk along the river from which you can enjoy the ancient charm of this magnificent city.

7. Duddingston

This colorful town is very close to Arthur's Seat. From there you can enjoy magnificent views of the lake and the nature reserve.

Duddingston - stephengg / Flickr.com

In Duddingston is the oldest pub in Edinburgh, dating from the year 1360. So if you are looking for the perfect mix between fun and history, this is the ideal place where you can find it.

8. Dean Village

This beautiful town is located on the banks of the Leith River. Visiting Dean Village is like taking a trip through time until the 12th century. In this locality they used to work more than ten factories that worked with the mills.

Dean Village - jean morrison

The old stone houses are still preserved in perfect condition. Visiting Dean Village is an experience full of positive energy, history and culture. It is a walk that is located a few minutes from downtown and you can definitely not miss it.

You will need plenty of time to get to know all the wonderful monuments, history and activities that Edinburgh offers. Which of these places would you like to visit?

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