Capri Island, a jewel of the Mediterranean

If we could define the island of Capri with just two words, it would be glamor and beauty. Are you looking for a place to not worry about traffic and rush? Would you like to feel like a Hollywood star enjoying a really wonderful landscape? Then do not hesitate to visit the island of Capri, a jewel of the Mediterranean.

Capri, synonymous with nature and history

The climate of the island of Capri is more than pleasant, 13 ° C in autumn and winter and up to 23 ° C in spring and summer. Thus,In addition to spending a few days on the beach, you can also take a walk. You can't miss its mountains Tiberio and Solaro!

A fact that attracts attention is that, unlike the other islands of the Gulf of Naples, this is not of volcanic origin but sedimentary. So do not worry ... there are no volcanoes in the area!

Capri Coast - Gaspar Janos

You can reach this beautiful place by ferry from the coast of Italy (Naples or Sorrento). The most important port is called Marina Grande. During the tour you can enjoy a wonderful landscape composed of cliffs and cliffs. Definitely an incredible welcome.

Once you descend from the boat, a mandatory tour is to explore the area to see the yachts (more than one belongs to a celebrity). To go to the city of Capri you must take a funicular. That's right ... It is located on the top of the island!

From there you will have amazing panoramic views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Faraglioni Islands. If the day is sunny and you have a good view you can see the continental cities and coastal. With a little luck you will even see Vesuvius volcano.

What to know on the island of Capri

In a typical stay in one of the most beautiful Italian islands there are corners that you can not miss. We show them to you.

The old town

Town center of Capri -Ratikova

Perfect for walking because cars are not allowed! You will find something beautiful to photograph at every step. The center is located in Piazzetta and in its surroundings are the Church of San Stéfano and many shops and restaurants. The shopping streets are Vittorio Emanuelle, Croce and Camelle.

Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis Ruins - Cortyn

If you are not a fan of luxury, or the budget is not enough, you can visit one of the many villas that were built on this island during the Roman Empire. In this case It was built by the decision of Emperor Tiberius as a place of retirement for old age. Nearby are the residences of Julio César and Augusto.


It is an area away from glamor and full of history, art and architecture. Among the attractions we can highlight the Churches of Santa Sofía and San Michelle. There are also remains of a Roman villa with beautiful gardens and a vast collection of antiques.

An obligatory step is the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, dating from the fourteenth century and was used as a cloister. Other points of interest are Casa Rossa and Castello Barbarroja.

Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto - gvictoria

Of course, the natural is of vital importance on the Island of Capri! Therefore you can not miss the Grotta Azzurra (blue grotto in Spanish). According to legends this place was the hiding place of witches and monsters.

It has a depth of 20 meters and its name is due to the color of the groundwater, which also changes depending on the time of day. On the outside of the cave are the remains of the Villeta de Gradola, from Roman times.

Naturale Arch

Natural Grotto - Tania Zbrodko

It is a natural and original arch that was modified and expanded by the action of waves and wind. It is one of the most representative landscapes of Capri And of course you can't stop going there. If you dare, walking is 30 minutes from Plaza Umberto I, in the center of the island. The effort will be worth it!

«Capri, queen of rock, in your amaranth and lily dress I lived developing bliss and pain, the vineyard full of radiant clusters that I conquered on earth.»

-Pablo Neruda-

Would you like to visit the beautiful island of Capri? Don't wait for summer to come! This jewel of the Mediterranean Sea is wonderful 365 days a year.

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