Tips for long-distance bus trips

The bus trips are an excellent alternative for several reasons: transfers are always cheaper, they are perfect if the city you are going to does not have a nearby airport or simply if you want to admire and enjoy the scenery.

Travelers usually consider bus trips, both for short distances within the same country and for longer ones to travel around Europe, for example. Although there are always rail connections between major cities, there are many who prefer take the bus, since their fares are cheaper than those of trains.

10 tips for your bus trip

When you travel by bus There are some factors that must be taken into account. Here we have the best tips for long-distance bus trips.

1. Be sure to bring entertainment for the trip

When you prepare for your trip make sure you bring entertainment, remember that you will be several hours on the bus, which can lead to boredomto.

Do not forget to bring music player, battery and helmets; a good book, Netbook, tablet or laptop; games on your mobile, etc.

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2. Don't carry a lot of luggage

Remember that the space where you will sit on the bus is limited and you will share it with your seat partner, so it is better thandon't carry many things in your carry-on luggage so it doesn't take up much space.

Keep only what is necessary in your handbag so that it is not very bulky and annoying to manipulate. What to carry in your hand luggage? Your documentation, money, camera, mobile, laptop, a book, some personal hygiene items, a coat and medication, if necessary.

3. Choose the seats

Traveling by bus requires good planning that should include up to the seats where you will travel.For long trips the best seats are located in the central part, the seats in the background are the most bustling and the ones in front are the most dangerous.

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4. By bus, better to travel accompanied

Traveling alone by bus for hours can guarantee you a lot of boredom. If you make the trip accompanied you can reduce the feeling of boredom, talking and sharing the whole trip.

Further, when traveling alone most of the time we will share a seat with some stranger and we may have the bad luck that he does not stop talking throughout the trip.

5. Take some supplies

Long-distance buses do not offer food and beverage services, so It is recommended to bring something sweet, some drinks and snacks.

Find out if on the tour the bus makes some stops in places where you can buy food or drink. Try to make snacks healthy, such as a fruit. Remember that fatty and heavy meals can bring you trouble sleeping and make you very thirsty.

6. Enjoy the stops

After sitting for hours the best thing you can do is totake advantage of bus stops to stretch your legs, Eat something healthy and take pictures of the surroundings.

If you make your day trip you will have the possibility to enjoy the beautiful scenery They offer the different routes.

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7. Carry an inflatable pillow

Generally traveling by bus is a bit awkward, the seat backs are barely tilted and it is difficult to find where to comfortably support the head, which prevents us from resting. In these cases An inflatable pillow can help us be more comfortable and enjoy the long journey.

8. If you want to sleep all the way, travel tired

If you take the long bus ride with your body rested surely you will not be able to sleep And you will be very bored. Try not to sleep much the night before the trip, that will help you fall asleep.

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9. Take a hygienic kit

If you travel by busit is recommended that lmild with you a hygienic kit To help you stay fresh and clean. It includes some things like wet wipes, toothbrush or a small towel, so the trip will be more bearable.

10. Dress comfortable

Remember that long bus trips require sitting for a long time, try not to wear tight or inappropriate clothing and wear comfortable and rested shoes. Sports style clothing is the most recommended.

"There is no bad trip, except the one that leads to the gallows."

-Miguel de Cervantes-

Traveling long bus trips does not have to be strenuous and heavy.If you put these tips into practice, your travel experience will be very positive and you can reach your destination very relaxed.

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